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  • the fake boyfriend experience [eremin | shingeki no kyojin]
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    eren jaeger forces his blonde headed friend, armin arlert to pretend to be his boyfriend only to make his crush, levi ackerman jealous but is the relationship really what he's looking for? [ bluehobi @ wattpad 2015 ]

  • tumblr∘eremin au
    6.5K 394 21

    Armin Arlert was just another nerdy, juvenile boy struggling through life wanting to find aspiration. Until one day he stumbled upon fame itself and unwittingly published his book, "Third Night" On some peculiar website called, "Wattpad." Armin knew fame came with a heavy price... Barbaric haters, greedy paparazzi...

  • grandeur ; tsukiuta
    16.6K 748 26

    Completed - Tsukiuta oneshot collection.

  • ❛ PAIN . ❜ ( eremin )
    60.9K 3.4K 18

    ( eren jaeger/armin arlert ) Armin was in a relationship he shouldn't have been in. Reiner was stronger than him. Reiner was manipulative. And all thanks to that manipulation, nobody ever suspected what went on behind the door of Armin and Reiner's home. Nobody suspected the beatings, the yelling, the name calling, t...

  • Mytro
    8.6K 619 49

    Imagine if, right now, clattering underneath your feet was a secret train system that could take you anywhere in minutes. Imagine a trip full of mystery and excitement from New York to Barcelona to the wind-swept coast of Italy to the edge of space. Imagine dangerous strangers, amazing friends, and high adventure. Im...

  • Call Me Zero [Completed]
    672K 44.9K 46

    "What are you doing?" -Seventh "Eating a bowl of soul."-Zero ".........Well then." -Seventh "I meant SOUP. A BOWL OF SOUP." -Zero "Yeah... sure, say it was a typo or blame it on the autocorrect." -Seventh "I'm laughing at my own failure right now." -Zero (Highest Ranking: #4 Humor 7.4.17)

  • Waffle Cones (#1)
    4.5M 320K 70

    "Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposite gender and somehow related to whoever is on the other side of this call, then yeah. I'm not your Aunt Kathy." "Oh, shiitake mushrooms." ...

  • Mirrored Snow
    75.3K 6.5K 9

    Everyone knows the story of Snow White: blood red lips, ebony hair and skin the colour of freshly fallen snow. Her vain step-mother, desperate to be the 'fairest of them all' attempts four times to have her killed, until her prince comes to save the day. But what if Snow wasn't a princess, but a prince. And the quee...

  • Shawn | Arriety One-Shot | ✓
    311 17 1

    Arrietty's life is different now. But, that doesn't mean she can't think about the past and what could have been.

  • The Case of the Missing Sour Patch Kids #SPKSADCONTEST
    16.4K 910 1

    In which a girl's favorite treat goes missing and she searches to find out who took them. (hiii, this is my entry into the #SPKSADcontest -- enjoy)

  • Free!: Eternal Facebook
    13.3K 795 15

    Makoto: Hey Haru,do you think any new readers would drop by? Haruka: ...water. Makoto: Ah,I get it... Nagisa: You know, they all come like a hurricane. Or should I say, to please Haru, a tsunami. Well, at least they ain't like sharkie boy,here. Rin: Just who are you calling...'sharkie boy' ? Nagisa: Dammit Jaws,you...

  • The Secrets Within (AOT - Eremin Fanfiction)
    71.6K 3K 30

    warning: old and shitty story, suicidal, cutting, other triggering mentions, read at ur own risk -- Armin Arlert was a simple 23 year old guy. Job, girlfriend, everything seemed to be going well. That was until he met Eren Jaeger. Now Armin's life has been turned upside down. They move in together as roomates and its...

  • Further to Fall (Eremin)
    116K 5.8K 27

    Years of abuse and loneliness has left Armin a scared, broken mess. But what happens when a beautiful ray of sunshine named Eren cuts through Armin's darkness and takes over his mind? Will Armin shut him out, or finally open up his heart? Soon, Eren becomes Armin's happy escape from his violent, abusive home life. The...

    235K 15.6K 134

    What if the characters of Haikyuu had Facebook!! Come in and see for yourself!! See their reactions!! Packed with insults, laughter, Facebook birthdays, Facebook chats, texting and crossovers! DISCLAIMER: I DONT OWN THE MANGA AND ANIME Copyright 2015 Cover created by me 2016 Hope you Enjoy!!

  • ✮Life Hacks✮
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    Just some simple tips to make your life that little bit easier

  • Anime Reviews (Spoiler-Free)
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    Looking for an Anime that you know you'll like? Excellent! You've come to the right place. In each segment you'll get an easy-to-read and honest review of Anime, regardless of popular opinion. You'll also find quality art handpicked by moi and segments telling you who it would be acceptable to watch this with.