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  • PhoenixFlight (Under Editing)
    1.2K 36 3

    Since Lisanna's return from Edolias the Guild has been treating Lucy like dirt. So when she has finally had enough, she packs her things and Natsu and leaves. Plz bear with me, this is my first fanfic. Mass editing in progress

  • Was it worth it? (Nalu fic)
    27.9K 599 18

    I know what you're thinking "ugh another story where they kick out lucy?" Well NO it is not. This is the opposite kinda. Ok have you ever wondered what would have happened if Natsu had always stayed by Lucy's side? Well I have and that's what this story all about. Everybody has ignored me since Lisanna arrived well ex...

  • Celestial Dragon
    20.9K 561 22

    Lucy leaves to the Dragon Grave yard for answers while Leaving Natsu behind with a gift. Last book of the Dragon Series

  • Fire Dragon
    34K 1.1K 33

    Time is rewound and rewritten. Fire and Celestial Fire. Will they meet again. Or will fate divide them or will someone? Sequel of Celestial Fire Dragon. Book 3 will be out soon

  • Celestial Fire Dragon
    142K 4.1K 40

    Lucy has a secret. It will be revealed. Mates? Dragons? New enemies? What's next?

  • Surviving on Tenrojima Island (NaLu)
    28.9K 987 14

    What if the survivors of Tenrojima didn't have time frozen. What if they were trapped on the island and the sphere can only be deactivated from the outside? Join in Natsu and Lucy surviving on the Island.

  • As Long As Your With Me (NaLu) (Next Gen)
    871 29 3

    Lucy had been ignored after she was defeated at the Grand Magic Games. Only Natsu, Happy, Cana, Gildarts, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, PantherLily, Levy, MiraJane, Lisanna, Juvia, Romeo, Master Macarov and Master Mavis are the ones who talks to her. She was always beaten before her friends get to the guild. When they would...

  • My Dragon Princess(NaLu Fanfiction)
    20.6K 414 22

    Lucy have been ignored by mostly the whole guild only Natsu and Happy talks to her When Lissana comes back from Edolos Lucy have only Natsu and Happy to talk to But cause of that,their fillings for each other grow But one day Lucy have been attack by the guild now she wants to leave but Natsu found out so he insist...

  • Fairy Tail (Nalu) : Revenge of the Two Lovers *On HOLD*
    52K 953 24

    Hey guys, I hope you read my story. Mine is different so please read it!!! The characters are all Hiro Mashima's except my OC's. The pictures are not mine. Remember that. Thanks to Yeonnie_jung17 for the cover of my book! She's a BTS writer! Go read her stories too! "Thank you Natsu, for being with me," Lucy whispered...

  • NaLu [ONE SHOTS]
    146K 2.5K 71

    Natsu is a tall, pink haired Fire mage. Lucy is a blonde Stellar mage. Natsu would do anything to keep Lucy safe, the same way she would to him.. This is a book full of emotional NaLu stories for all of you who like to get hit in the feels. Check out my second book of NALU one shots if you enjoyed this one! Trigge...

  • Back from the dead (Fairy Tail/NaLu fanfic) [On going]
    755 41 11

    (Sequel to "An abused life") A year has passed since Lisanna's resurrection and Lucy's death and everyone has forgotten about her existence. That's until Lisanna asked them a simple question... "Say everyone? If I'm correct, I died 5 years ago... So how am I alive now?" Their eyes widened as the memories of their acti...

  • The Iron Monster{Gajevy}{Fairy Tail}
    78.4K 2.5K 10

    What if Phantom Lord wasn't defeated by Fairy Tail? What if Phantom Lord won? This is the account of a parallel universe in which Phantom Lord beat Fairy Tail in battle. Gajeel Redfox, the evil, monstrous, most powerful wizard in Phantom Lord claims his prize for winning, and the prize is Fairy Tail's bookworm, Levy M...

  • Stronger
    16.3K 855 13

    Team Natsu decided to go on a job. The request was to kill this monster that was destroying villages for 500,000 jewels. They left for the job not knowing of the misfortune that was ahead of them. Lucy feels weak and decides to go train for a year or two. Who or what will she meet there? Will she be stronger and come...