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  • Coffee and Tea {Bagginshield Coffee Shop AU}
    444 37 1

    Poor Bilbo was having a horrible day until a certain coffee shop owner turned it all around. BAGGINSHIELD AU One-Shot

  • Day6xReader
    3.1K 54 15

    This is a compilation of my Day6 one shots and short stories! I take requests as of right now, so feel free to message me.

  • C/N.
    1.1M 19.7K 123

    "Y/N, my little rabbit, I like you," he whispered in his husky voice. Well that was kinda insulting. Do I really remind him of a rabbit? I hate vegetables for god's sake. Wait, DID HE JUST CONFESS!? "Wh-What?" I stuttered, a bright blush blooming on my face. "I like you," he repeated. A wide grin spread across my face...

  • Yuri On Ice Family AU Oneshots
    2.6K 80 3

    Family AU oneshots of this goofy trio (PS OLDER YURIO FOR CERTAIN REASONS)

  • Of Monsters and Men (Yuri + Otabek)
    30K 2.1K 28

    Ever since the day dark and endearing Otabek Altin told Yuri Plisetsky that he had the eyes of a soldier, Yuri hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, the boy who saw him as something other than a beautiful, delicate fairy. Now three years later, Otabek has moved to Russia to live with Mila, his new fiancee and Y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damage Control (Otabek x Yuri) (boyxboy)
    39.5K 2.1K 18

    When Otabek was given his first assignment in the Introductory Carer Program, he naively assumed that his debut case would be an easy one. Instead, he was paired with Yuri Plisetsky, a boy who never left his house and was something of a mystery and a point of pain for his plethora of carers he'd chased away. Initiall...

  • Cabinmates | Johnlock (teenlock)
    340K 12.8K 19

    Going on a school trip into the mountains for a month sounds simple enough. But when John meets his cabin roommate, Sherlock Holmes, a leisurely vacation soon turns into a hectic summer. [Rated Mature for smut scenes, language, ideologically sensitive material, and alcohol consumption] =△▽△▽△= Cabinmates now has a seq...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine [KageHina]
    2.4M 106K 29

    The most annoying thing about Hinata is the fact he never shuts up. Most of the time, Kageyama can tune the other out but every now and then a certain phrase or conversation that loudmouth has come out with will just stick with Kageyama like glue. It's the dumb things Hinata blurts out that leads to Kageyama question...

  • Secrets (Shin-ah X Reader)
    152K 5K 33

    (In the middle of slight editing. On the special Birthday Chapter now) So this is a Shin-ah x reader and has a weird plot. Basically reader-chan and her mother run a clinic in a poor fire territory village and reader-chan is friends with Yoon, whom of which comes to help the villagers regularly. But reader-chan has a...

  • Akatsuki No Yona Oneshots
    22.7K 403 6

    One shots for Akatsuki No Yona or Yona of the Dawn, which ever you prefer. I do not own the anime, or the characters, just the story.

    231K 5.8K 97

    Akatsuki no Yona One Shots!! Yay! I do not own any of the anime character, the anime, or the manga. I made this book for your entertainment. Please enjoy. I will take lemon requests, but I'll have my really dirty-minded yet super talented and amazing best friend @DAOKIIS to write them.

  • Akatsuki No Yona X Reader
    5.4K 87 5

    The title says it all my friends. Be placed into the world of AnY and be shipped with your favourite characters. Please make requests as well because I don't have much imagination.

  • Come Home (Cherik fanfiction)
    145K 6K 31

    Cherik AU He looks down at the injured body of his only real friend; his obesession. Maybe he is right. Maybe they do want different things. But, Erik wants Charles and will not rest until he has him. He figures it's only fair that he tells him so: "I'm coming back for you. I'm not giving up until you are by my side...

  • Tragic, Beautiful, Love
    17.3K 777 6

    Eren, the heir to a wealthy family and empire. Secluded in his home, the only other person he's able to confide in is Levi, his tutor. Perhaps it's the fact that he's so locked away from the rest of the world that he finds himself so drawn to Levi. Such a relationship would never be approved by his father, but will he...

  • Servamp x reader (various)
    17K 294 5

    Hello everyone! I am sure by now you are well aware that I am a servamp fan and I have come to the spot where I have had ideas for fanfics. I do in fact take requests. I might make limes, but don't feel comfortable doing lemons. So without further ado I present to you Servamp x reader (Various)!!! I hope you enjoy (ノ◕...

  • The Misunderstood Prince
    40.8K 1.1K 33

    This Maven's POV during The Red Queen. "I guess it could've been worse. I could've been a Red." Maven: His mother wants him to rule almost as much as he does. She has a plan to make it happen too. He is only told a little bit at a time. Everything was simple until the Little Lightning Girl showed up. He began to...

  • Broken Sword (A King's Cage Fanfiction )
    15.4K 268 9

    I do as he says. I kneel. ____________ He reaches to my collarbone from the loose collar of my torn bloody shirt. His fingers trace the lines that form an M . My brand I want to scream at his touch. It burns. It hurts. It blinds me. Maven continues to examine it with his fingers,aware that his touch is a torture to...

  • Silver Shadow (Maven x Mare)
    155K 3.6K 41

    FANFIC: MAVEN x MARE from RED QUEEN. Book focused on events from GLASS SWORD, but takes its own from there until the end. WARNING: Before reading, I want to get a few things straight. The characters, settings are all owned by Victoria Aveyard. I am a great fan of the Red Queen series, but after reading I still believe...

  • I Never Knew (Kyoya x Reader x Tamaki)
    85.9K 2.7K 11

    This is a crazy and funny story between the rivalry between the best friends Kyoya and Tamaki.

  • The Game Of Love (Kyoya x reader)
    433K 11.3K 24

    (This is a Kyoya x reader story. It will have tons of lemon with it because bloody hell who doesn't love Kyoya lemon. But it is going to be an actual story.) You are a class 2-A student who happens to be the second top student in your class. Who's the first? Well none other then Kyoya, your arch enemy. If you had to...

  • I Love Karma (KarmaXReader(Lemon))
    221K 4.3K 27

    Assassination classroom.. Probably my second fav anime. And Karma Akabane is my favorite so I thought I should do a lemon or something. If you haven't seen the anime. Go watch it. Before u read. Cuz u won't understand anything. There's a dub if u like dubs and there's the sub of course. So go watch it or read on! I d...