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  • suicidal • narry storan fanfic
    76.8K 2.2K 8

    One Direction is bigger and better than ever, though with all the die-hard fans, there's bound to be some die-hard haters. Bullies tend to target the weak, the sensitive, and this was no exception - the haters targeted the weak; they targeted Niall. Niall was the only one that was ever actually bothered by hate, and s...

  • Dallas x Ponyboy One-Shots
    20.4K 527 22

    A collection of Pony x Dally one-shots.

  • Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall)
    245K 13.5K 47

    Traumatic incidents happen. This one being Niall's mother passing away. Now he has to go live with his Auntie Anne. Harry isn't the little brat he used to be. He introduces Niall to his friends like a good cousin and little does he know as quick as he introduced them the quicker he'll have to pull them apart. This is...

  • Hunted
    68.8K 3.6K 92

    When a unknown serial killer goes after Spencer Reid, his life gets put on the line many times. After He almost almost kills Spencer for the third time SSA Aaron Hotchner is forced to send him into hiding, making everyone think he is dead, until they catch him. For SSA Jennifer Jareau, Spencer's death was the worst th...

  • True Blue
    3.4K 85 7

    What if Danny was the detective shot in "Above and Beyond"? How would he family take it? How would it effect Jaime and his relationship with Eddie? Read and find out.

  • Dauntless High School
    7.2K 179 6

    Fourtris, high school addition. Will their love story be the same?

  • No Matter What // Zayn Malik
    3.6M 74K 43

    Olivia has had a crush on Zayn Malik from the moment she laid eyes on him, and I mean could you blame her? He was the Bradford Bad Boi with his dark brown eyes, and sweet but rare smile. He had a great singing voice. Or so she was told. Olivia was deaf. Plain and simple. Never heard her own voice, her laugh, or heard...

  • Dark and Dangerous Love (18+)
    106M 1.9M 179

    EARTH: year 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthless and merciless monster. All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom. But how could you escape from the oldest vampire in existence and the King of the most powerful race ever to walk the Earth...? The tables have turned. Vampires had risen from the night...