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  • Mac Rebeli [a fairy tale]
    5.2K 393 3

    Pretty to see, hard to catch. That's how girls like Mac always are- they've grown up quicker than their peers, they know who they are and what they want and where they're going. They don't have time for drama or relationships or long nights out drinking. They like what they like, and what Mac likes is geology. Petrol...

  • Noreen
    11.5K 1K 5

    Ever since her older brother was lost at sea, Noreen has been forbidden to set foot in the ocean. Once a year, she travels to the spot where his watch washed ashore and buries a daisy in the sand. Once a year, she waits beside the ocean and wonders. What happened to him in those blue waters? Where has he gone and...

  • High Moon
    2K 67 3

    Diego Viteri has finally found the beast responsible for his sister's death. But when demon of Anasazi -a monster so terrible an entire civilization disappeared upon its arrival- abducts a fierce young woman from the inn where Diego's staying, he finds more on the line than simply revenge. Short story.

  • My Boyfriend the Moondog
    1.8K 98 2

    Welcome to the WEEVL 106.66 FM radio broadcast! I'm your host this evening, Talia Croft. Have you ever wondered what it's like to date those things that go bump in the night? Do you need advice on how to handle your new ghoulfriend? Or where to buy cheap suits because your furry manbeast keeps transforming in his...

  • Sanctuary
    3.4K 237 3

    After reporting her boyfriend to the police, all Emma wants is to regain her peace of mind, but when a mountain thunderstorm forces her to seek shelter with a handsome man, she finds herself torn between keeping to herself and opening up. She's only got one shot to tell him her name- but this mud-soaked Cinderella is...

  • Shorts [A collection of brief tales]
    2.6K 178 9

    Flash fiction, short stories, etc can be found here.

  • The Mistletoad
    4.3K 265 1

    Julie has been single for 19 out of the last 20 Christmases. Just when she's about to have her first boyfriend for Christmas, he breaks up with her. Now, she's known as a Mistletoad with a reputation for being absolutely awful. But when a snowstorm leaves her stranded outside a tree farm on Christmas eve, she meets th...

  • Counting Sheep
    2.4K 210 3

    Bryn Hayward has never checked a book out of the library before. Thanks, internet. What she doesn't realize is that someone's checking her out, too. [A sleeping beauty retelling. unedited]

  • Friday Night Bites
    2.6K 171 4

    Not all bites are created equal. A collection of short stories about things that go bump in the night and their teeth.