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  • Yes, You're Beautiful
    3M 77.4K 34

    All Rights Reserved to brxwnshuga_ 2013 - 2014 *Slowly Editing* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Come closer," he said grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to him. "Do you even want to be seen with me?" I asked. "I want to be seen with you, al...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Italian CEO (Complete)
    1.6M 56K 39

    Completed   Mature
  • 12 Rounds (MrsCassey)
    1.2M 36.7K 26

    Mya St. James has been holding on to her virginity for twenty three years and is finally ready to loose it. But with no steady boyfriend she plans to choose the a guy from her past. Five times Heavy Weight boxing Champ Elijah Braxton is loosing his mind at the thought of his Mya giving it away. Evan though he doesn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enemies Without a Limit
    475K 9.1K 23

    Naomi Marks and Darryl Adams have been enemies since their Freshman year of high school. The rude comments, name calling, and snide remarks have existed between them for as long as they each remember. But what happens when Noami and Darryl hook up one night at a wild party? Naomi and Darryl's relationship leans less i...

  • Falling For Him ❤
    108K 2.2K 14

    Aniyah Smith, didn't live the most beautiful life. Her mother died when she was 14 in a car crash. She was repeatedly abused by her father years after. At the age of 16, She then decided to run away and live with her aunt in Georgia. There she met the person who she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life...

  • Hood Gurl
    97.5K 1.1K 11

    A 16 year old girl who lives in the hood with her over crowded family, deals with the surprising abuses at home from her own mother and father, dealing with high school, and a crush all at once. She's hated but yet at times she's love. Hood Gurl brings rollercoaster ride full of happiness, anger, and sadness all at o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Curves and All (On Hold)
    556K 15.1K 22

    Tiana Smith. My name that is. My reputation is probably known as the fat girl at school. Momma always telling me that them girls just jealous of my "curves" or that them boys mad cause they can't have me. I swear I try to believe her, but she wouldn't understand and neither would my older brother and sister. They bodi...

  • She Needs Me
    1M 42.6K 42

    All Rights Reserved to brxwnshuga_ 2014 - 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Nope, no. Hell no. Sir please, I ain't tryna do this," Ember said, putting her hands together, pleading with Principal Christianson. "Ms. Sullivan, you will do this if yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Power Of A Thug
    72.9K 2.6K 13

    ONGOING - REWRITTEN • Bad Boy x Good Girl • "Seven years apart doesn't ruin what we got, It only bring us closer. But just remember, I'm not that same little boy I use to be, because baby imma thug .. a thug with power" - Marcel

  • Forever and Always? ( SEQUEL)
    1.5M 45.8K 24

    Isis, Handsome, Hassan, Carmen, Ivan, Da'chelle...and everybody are back. Forever and Always...Thug Life Part 2! They've grown up and now has to face some of the most difficult times in their relationship. Will Isis and Handsome be able to make it? Will forever and always stand? Or will they reationship fall. A whole...

  • Love and Drama
    122K 2.8K 26

    Carmentos High— A school that is nothing but drama. Racist teachers, hating broads, and boy issues. It's a lot to take in, especially if you're a young black, African American student. Micaela is sixteen years old. Carmentos High isn't exactly her favorite this year. Especially, now that her nemesis Artasha is back an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovers or Friends Series {Samples Only}
    5.1M 70.8K 27

    Sample of Zeke & Sydney: Lovers or Friends Sample of Cuddy Buddy Sample of Wifey Sample of Wifey 2 Full books are available on Amazon

    Completed   Mature
  • Truly Yours | J. Cole
    437K 14.4K 34

    My Work #2 | May 2013 - November 2013 | Completed Life for twenty-six year old Christina Marie Lee, hasn't always been easy. Seen as the "ugly unsuccessful one" out of her and her older sister Claire, relationships isn't something that Christina has always had luck with. But when the one and only 'J. Cole', who just s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Long Live Us
    20.7K 524 10

  • Unorthodox
    10.9K 242 18

    When I was younger I was as innocent and as ignorant as you could get. I was always told that everything was fine. My mom tried to shield me from a lot of the horrible things the world and life throws at you. But she couldn't keep me from everything. I always thought that life was gonna be a big bowl full of cherrie...

  • Hood Love (Finished) p.s editingalso
    3.5M 68.1K 31

    Mercedes is from the projects and Hood of Harlem. She was a good girl though. Her mom was smoked out and she had a little sister to raise and take care of plus it being her senior year she had her priorities in line...That is until she Mets bad boy street thug Calvin. He was sexyyy..beyond that! But if she got invol...

  • Cliché
    335K 9K 46

    What is so special about relationships anyway? Why do smart females always fall for the thug? Ask Azalea. Time after time she keeps telling herself that she is going to stop falling for no good boys around her neighborhood, but Quamaine is definitely not from around her or her expectations. Will Azalea fall for the th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Becca's Moments
    856K 10.5K 52

    Trust - the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Due to her past traumas, this is something Rebecca struggles with. But when Kayden Brooks enters her life, everything takes a drastic turn. Rebecca will learn that trust is more crucial than anything else as she undergoes unpredict...

  • Thug of My Dreams© (EDITING)
    2.2M 35.7K 59

    Dhayla Wright; little sister of Rocore Wright finds her way in a web of lies and love with a former friend of her brother and of the family- Profit Ford. He somehow makes his way into her heart, beating all of the odds. Caught in the crossfire are their closest friends as they find their way involved with one another...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poetic Justice
    16.1K 631 33

    He took my hand and walked me into my soul. And when he saw that my heart was just as dark as my world, he let the words from his lips be the guiding light to my life. He told me that he wouldn't let the wiles of this world consume me, and if anything, I should accept the spiritual justice of it being just us. Like in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Room Perfume (A Kendrick Lamar Story)
    12.1K 299 10

    Fan Fiction based off Kendrick Lamar & GKMC & my imagination.

  • Opposites Attract | Kendrick Lamar
    182K 5K 19

    My Work #1 | March 2013 - July 2013 | Completed - previously known as Cartoons and Cereal, and Ignorance is Bliss - this was my very first story, sorry for how crappy it is but apparently people love it so i wont delete it Seventeen year-old, straight 'A' student, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, is your typical high school...

  • Another Man's Treasure (Joey Bada$$ Story)
    141K 5.6K 34

    Jamie-Lee Williams did just what her parents wanted: she engaged a Harvard grad, had a baby, and moved into a house in a safe neighborhood. She didn't get that good of a job, but her rich fiancée Edwin made up for it. But what happens when that stability all comes crashing down? Jamie won't be able to manage, of cours...

  • Street Love
    2.5M 78.5K 38

    Who ever said a boy and a girl cant be best friends? Starr and King are best friends! Starr is the baddest chick in the streets of LA and King is literally the Dope King. But they share more than friendship with each other! Read Street Love...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Love Hurts
    5.1M 127K 66

    Diamond had been thru hell and back for at least seven years of her life! She thinks everything starts to go back to normal once her father is killed by her own mother. But one day that changes when her bestfriend brook gets shot and killed. Now diamond sister is making them move to California. Diamond hates it at fir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Love
    6.7M 147K 31

    *Slowly editing* Unique was never what you called 'skinny'. She was that girl that everyone picked on for their own benefit. Being the sibling of two of the most popular people in school Unique could never get a break. BULLIED. BEATEN. BETRAYED. Until she met him. One of the most dangerous, ruthless thugs in al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Every King Needs a Queen
    1.5M 38.5K 36

    Lavonte "King" Jones wasn't your average nigga. He owned the streets, and he was one of the head drugs dealers in the city of New Orleans. He's been ruling the streets since he was fifteen. He has the cars, clothes, money, and he has all the hoes on his dick, but shit he ain't never been worried 'bout falling in love...

    Completed   Mature
  • Courtesy of Compton
    47.1K 1.5K 8

    Compton, California. It was the only place in the world I knew best. I wasn’t what you called ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’, but I damn sure wasn’t poor either. I had everything I ever needed all because of my sweet and loving grandma, Izzy. She was my angel who wouldn’t dare hurt a fly. But somebody thought it was okay to gun...

  • A Thug's Only Love
    7.9M 121K 53

    Chanelle is a 16 year old girl. Tan skin, 5'2",long dark brown curls that hang down her back, has the whole world in front of her. Has a great home life, gets the good grades in school and has amazing friends. No one would ever think she would end up with a Thug. What happens when, Lexis, Big time thug,16 years old...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Art of Mending a Broken Heart [Sample]
    6.3M 7.1K 1

    When Jack gets suspended from school in the middle of his father's reelection as the mayor of Miami, his parents can't deal with his immature behavior anymore, so they send him to Chicago to live with his older sister. Jack is pissed that he has to spend his senior year starting over at a new school, so instead of goi...