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  • Roommates ✔
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    "Doll face, you might say you hate me, but we both know you think otherwise." He speaks with the annoying smirk plastered on his face and I roll my eyes. "As if," "Babycakes..." "What's up with you and the change in nicknames?" I snap and his smirk stretches. "Feisty now aren't we, sugar." "Just shut up!" "I could, bu...

  • Zodiac boarding school [Discontinued]
    23.5K 629 13

    Virgo is specially picked to go too a boarding school in the middle of the country, with 11 other kids. Will she get new friends, will she get her heart broken, will she find true love or will she never be able too trust again?

  • In love with a killer (AyanoxBudo)
    4.1K 102 5

    Okkkk My English suckz so yeh. Here we goooo Ayano is a beautiful girl and have a lot of "logic". But... She doesn't have a... feeling. She's a murder. But after knowing a guy name Taro Yamada, she became fall in love with him. But! There is a lot of other girls love him as well! So that's the reason she became a murd...

  • Screw Senpai , Budo is better . ( ayando )
    5.1K 191 7

    Ayano saw Budo Masuta, the leader of the Martial Arts Club, as a super annoying dick. Senpai was everything to her, but soon after she was late to eliminate freaking Osana, she no longer felt the ' longing, yearning and craving ' desire towards Taro Yamada. Ayano decides to join the Karate Club, once she became... you...

  • Hatsune Miku X fem Reader
    44.6K 744 11

    Sorry everyone this is my first story I ever make so sorry if it's very bad And make a mistake

  • Yandere-Chan X Reader X Info-Chan
    82K 2.3K 15

    Ok so this is my first fan fiction. I just created it I while I was trying to sleep, but my mind was too busy lol. This will be a yuri story, so if you take any offence to it then you shouldn't read it. This may also deal with dark topics since it is based off of yandere simulator. I hope you guys enjoy my lovely jumb...