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  • She Belongs To The King | ✓
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    - EDITING / REWRITING & COMPLETED - "She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "What's so wrong with me asking her out?" "Everything! You just can't." "Why!?" "Because she belongs to the king." - Mia White was just an ordinary girl that w...

  • Maybe One Day
    21.4M 593K 33

    Hayley has been in love with Jace Hammond, her best friend's brother, for as long as she can remember. However, she could never seem to get him to notice her. Until now. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.

  • Does he truly love me - sonic x reader
    25.2K 744 26

    You and sonic hate each other, you are eggmans daughter but he made you a hedgehog because he wanted to know how hedgehogs bodies work and what their weaknesses are but one day you get rescued by sonic.?

  • Sonic X Reader
    217K 6K 118

    This book is for girls who love Sonic and are fans of Sonic Boys X Reader. I hope to write more in the future but for now here is the first book. I hope to make one book for each character. Sorry for my english and especially my bad grammar, it's from my first writings so sorry if it is not good. Enjoy!

  • The Daughter Of My Nemesis (A Sonic X Reader Fanfic)
    5K 146 18

    (Y/n) is the daughter of Dr. Eggman who falls in love with this speedy blue hedgehog named Sonic. Is what their father said is true or was their hole life been surrounded in lies? Will love prevail? Or will they follow their father with their blind trust? Disclaimer: I don't own the Sonic franchise

  • The Princess and the Knight (Sonic x Reader)
    28.6K 822 36

    This story was based on a dream I had years ago never let go of and is also based on Sonic and the black knight. So please enjoy

  • Metal Sonic X reader.
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  • Sonic Boom: I'll Never Forget You {Sonic X Reader}
    4.2K 160 4

    Have you ever wonder why the famous blue blue was afraid of water? Why the thought of swimming would make his stomach do cartwheels? Well what if a memory from his past still haunts him to this very day, the memory of a lost friend. (Based of the episode I can sea sonics fear from here)

  • Sonic X reader
    16.4K 349 14

    You were having a peaceful day at your home. You walked to your backyard to play but, then all of a sudden, a portal appeared and sucked you in. You have no idea what just happened but you need to get home, and fast. I do not own Sonic not any of the sonic characters I use, all characters rightfully belong to SEGA

  • Sir Sonic x reader
    7.8K 188 7

    You were a village girl, your family live in the land ruled by King Arthur. One day, Sir Percival apart you from family as raised you as a knight of the underworld. You were saved by a knight named Sir Sonic. Sir Sonic and you have feeling for each other. You're falling in love with Sir Sonic and Sir Sonic too. Will y...

  • pics
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  • The Sweetest Revenge [DISCONTINUED]
    4K 312 18

    DISCONTINUED SO DONT BOTHER READING LOL, YOU'LL BE DISAPPOINTED ANYWAY - - Sonic and Sally are best friends. Amy is the most popular girl in school. When Sonic moves back to his old town and sees Sally is shaken up by Amy, how will he get revenge on the pink hedgehog for making his friend feel hurt? They know each oth...

  • Instincts
    22.6K 736 26

    Amy is going through her first mating season,Tails is helping with the animalistic explaining,but when feelings/uncontrolled behavior get in the way of every day life,will Someone have to step in to help?(This is not as bad as you think,there is simply a lot of kissing and Hedgehog instincts. Mostly a drama. I'm to in...

  • ♡ Scary Stories ♡
    3.7M 178K 64

    The most scariest stories, that send chills up your spine. - Book cover made by; @sunswept

  • Teenage posts
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    Read through these teenager posts that will make you laugh and think : that is so true! Enjoy! :)

  • Funny pictures
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    Funny pic, quotes , and anime scenes .

  • Funny pics
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    Funny pictures. I lmao at some.

  • Book of dog and cat memes
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    I hope it makes you laugh, even just a little. XD

  • ♡ Pickup Lines ♡
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    The rarest and funniest pickup lines. - Book cover made by; @sunswept

  • Funny Texts
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    Lolz wait a minute lol means laugh out loud right? WELL THEN WHAT THE HECK DOES THE Z STAND FOR ZEBRAS???1!!!! Lol this was a preview.

  • Funny Texts
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    Funny stuff that you wouldn't want to miss btw most arent mine

  • Funny Book
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    WARNING: THIS BOOK INVOLVES FUNNY MATERIAL. IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO LAUGHTER, DO NOT READ. I mention megansparklez (Megan), jkc11501 (Jade), and hk56217 (Katie). This is approved by my dog. If you comment anything funny, I will give you creds for the joke. Creds to Katie for letting me use her idea, but I made it mine...

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: A Legend Begins (SonAmy)
    29.2K 1.1K 36

    "What makes you a true hero?" "Is it the fame? The money? The popularity?" The blue one asked the pink girl next to him. She giggled and spoke, "Maybe... but you want to know what I think?" She paused, "I think what makes you a true hero is that you stand up for what is right, that you make friends with everyone, and...

  • My Drawing book! TWO :3
    1.1K 203 25

    That moment when you realize everybody only likes you for your drawings #thestruggleisreal

  • Crystal search with problems: SonAmy Boom
    3.1K 186 15

    (Rated M for swearing and sex) In this, our blue hero has to find the crystals. But the catch, he's teamed up with Amy who he recently made his, and she is mad at him for it. What will the gang think?

  • A Bitter Move (Sonamy)
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    I never knew if he actually loved me He was always playing twisted games with my heart, thinking it was a toy that could easily be put back together I wasn't sure if leaving was the right choice but staying didn't seem quite right either

  • Baddest Girls In Town
    1.3K 84 10

    3 Baddest girls in town as a team they get away easily their also the most wanted criminal they never get caught not even the FBI can catch them but was about to change 3 famous Zone cops who solves every criminal and catches all most criminals what will happen when they meet the girls will they fall in love or just s...

  • What is the point of love? for Sonic?
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    Hey guys i am really going to finish i was just talking about it in school and BAD WORD AND LEMONS and you guys are having SonAmy and Shadally! Love you!- Andrea :3