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  • Dangerous Taboo
    838 17 12

    Time has gone on and things have changed What happens when you cant be with the man you love? You know its for the best to keep your feelings to yourself ? Second Book in The Forbidden love Series Will someone work out your secret ? Will you be the one to be heart broken ? What happens when unexplained things happen...

  • I Accidentally Summoned a Demon
    2.9M 111K 42

    "I know you're a virgin but have you never been touched?" He asked, sliding his other hand down onto her leg. "What makes you say that?" Kat breathed, bracing her hands on the counter. "You react like someone who's never felt another's touch," Nex whispered, slipping his thumb under the band of her shorts. "So, have...

  • Waiting on you... !Coming Soon!
    31.2K 882 5

    When Tayiah met her mate she was only fifteen and he was nineteen next in line to become the Alpha of Red Blood Pack. But due to her age, her father had fore bid it but Christian still wanted Tay. Now after waiting on her for six long years he has finally arrived to claim what is rightfully his. But Tay has decided s...

  • Her Boss's Baby
    136K 4.8K 26

    When the law firm she works for takes on a new senior lawyer, Jane Truman finds herself faced with the prospect of working for a man she did not and could not respect. As she fights against his unethical practices, she finds herself fighting an attraction she refused to acknowledge. A moment of weakness leaves lasting...

    Completed   Mature
  • Indecent Proposal
    286 13 5

    Ivy Grant is a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants. When she hears one of her new employees is struggling with his finances, she comes up with an offer he won't be able to refuse. Micah Sorenson is a young twenty-four-year-old who lucks out and lands himself a once in a lifetime job, but being n...

  • The Devil in her Dreams (Book 3 SAMPLE)
    4.1K 290 1

    A mist appears in her bedroom, materializing into a seductive silver-eyed stranger who proceeds to satisfy her in every possible way. THE BEAST AMONGST US Imagine living in a world full of fiery, feral beings, hiding in the shadows, roving in our dreams, creeping under our skin. Eavesdropping, manipulating our minds...

    37.7K 1.3K 18

    Too jealous, too possessive... but only because he loved too hard. ✔️ This is Gavin's POV of my Incidental Cougar Series- find the original under my profile! ✔️ Updates every few weeks. ✔️ Contains foul language and smut. Gavin Romano is used to getting what he wants. Raised by his eldest brother Luca, he's been indul...

  • The Valentine's Day Award
    371 53 7

    Cover By @Adeela_Defan_TVD ❤️ OPEN [❌] JUDGING [❌] CLOSED [ ✔️] An award to recognise the beautiful writer

  • The Rose Awards
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    OPEN[❌] JUDGING[☑️] CLOSED [❌] Awards to give recognition to your stories. 💐

  • The Rose Awards (Open)
    25.5K 2.1K 6

    Everything's in the book ^

  • Ƈσαℓιтιση Ƈσммυηιтү Aωαя∂s 2020
    5.8K 348 15

    𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍 [❌] 𝐉𝐔𝐃𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐆 [✅] 𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐃 [✅] Ɯєℓcσмє тσ тнє Ƈσαℓιтιση Ƈσммυηιту Aηηυαℓ Aωαя∂ѕ [2020]! Aℓℓ тнє яυℓєѕ αяє ιηѕι∂є!

  • The Stalker (Wattpad Version) (Edited Version Published On AMAZON!)
    137K 11.6K 35

    Things may not always be what they seem... Serenity thought she had it all when she married the sexiest man alive, Warren. He gave her everything she ever wanted and dreamed of having. They had money, the perfect house, the ideal marriage, and a sex life one could ever wish of having. Then, things began to change. War...

    Completed   Mature
  • How to write
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    How to's on writing topics

  • Moonwalker Awards 2017
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