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  • The Fall Of A Drama Queen
    16M 830K 53

    Emerald did not want anything to do with Harry Allen again. He broke her heart when she was young. But, when he offered her to make a crown for the Queen of England, she immediately accepted. The Queen's crown would be the highlight in her first jewelry exhibit. But things did not turn out according to her plan. Her...

  • Taming The Bitch
    7.9M 306K 22

    ***Meet Stella. Beautiful, rich and smart, a pampered daughter with royal blood. At an early age, she was arranged by her parents to marry Eros Petrakis - at the right time. As an obedient daughter, she agreed into this. But when she met Eros' cousin, Tristan Latsis, she had a change of mind. She fell in love with Tri...

  • Exclusively Mine
    29.6M 753K 30

    After ten years, Finn Martins returns to Brazil to destroy his enemy, though he didn't count on facing the only woman he's ever loved - his enemy's daughter, Nina Peres. ***** After ten years, Finn Martins is returning to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a...

  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    217M 6.8M 92

    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...

  • Sweet Bastard
    59.7M 2.7M 82

    Lisa and her boss, Alessandro, agree to spite their exes by pretending to date, but things begin to backfire when fake feelings become real along the way. ***** For two years, Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire...

  • My Possessive Billionaire
    78.2M 1.8M 35

    Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows. ***** Enrique Monteiro, a powerful Brazilian billionaire, has gotten everything he wanted in life. He has l...

  • The Boy I Admire From Afar
    76.3M 3.5M 123

    As Claire aims to leave her oppressive stepfamily behind, she befriends Zion. Will he be her ticket to freedom or a distraction in achieving her dreams? ***** Claire Olsen has had a crush on Zion Petrakis since the first time she laid eyes on him, bu...

  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892)
    529K 7.9K 12

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle featuring his famous detective.

  • The Roommate Rulebook
    16.5M 482K 33

    Available as an audiobook on audible, iTunes and wattpad band camp! Be sure to check the new version out to hear the characters come to life! "And rule number three, knock before you enter my room," I finished, moving my fore finger down with the instruction. His smirk widened as he leaned on my door frame. "What hap...

  • Crush x reader one shots (closed)
    102K 1.6K 18

    Crush x reader fanfics Requests Closed! Check out my new account for more

  • Class 3-C Has A Secret | completed
    16.8M 279K 59

    WELCOME TO HELL. --- Date started: January 29, 2012 Date finished: November 21, 2012 (PUBLISHED UNDER VIVA • AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE)

  • Special Section 2 (Published under Pop Fiction)
    11.3M 315K 45

    Special Section book 2. Hindi mo siya mahahanap. Hindi mo siya matatakbuhan. Available in Bookstores, Convenience Stores, newsstands and online nationwide for only P175! :)

  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    34.3M 744K 54

    The students of Special Section are dying, one by one. Some say it's a curse, but the transfer student believes that someone is killing her classmates. How can Rhianne stop the killing when anyone can be the killer? Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her? *** When Rhianne transferred schools a...

  • Project LOKI: Volume 1
    49.2M 711K 32

    Join Lorelei and Loki as they unravel the threads of mystery, unveil the masks of evil intentions and put together the pieces of the puzzle in their adventures. Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 3? Read it here: https://www.wattpad...

  • Funny Anime Quotes
    815K 19.2K 85

    FUNNY ANIME QUOTES!!! Collection of anime quotes that I think are funny! Dialogue also! If theres one that's not in here that you'd like to be just tell me! Give the quote, anime name and the name of the character who said it. ^.^

  • That Nerd Had Her Revenge
    3.6M 83.6K 52

    ( EDITING ) Brooke Charity Mae Cruz , ang babaeng laging inaapi at kinakawawa. Binubully inshort. Pero nung dumating si Tristan Matthew Tolentino sa buhay nya ay nag bago ito. pero pano kung isang araw ang lalaking yon na minahal at nagtangol sa kanya ay siya pang MANANAKIT sa kanya? At ang lalaki ding yon ang dahila...

  • The Last Section (Revising)
    1.1M 30K 79

    Sa isang section sa St. Lucas University, magsisimula ang ma-dugong laro. Be ready the killer will get you!