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  • Another World (NaLu & Gruvia)
    122K 4.7K 24

    Lucy Heartfilla and Juvia Lockser were best friends since childhood as they both grew up in Phantom Orphanage and were picked on by the other children. Through out their childhood and even when teens both these girls were bullied. What else these girls had was strange birthmarks on the back of their necks. Lucy had a...

  • Just another orphanage. NaLu, fairy tail.
    3.3K 185 14

    "I know it was my fault she died. I suffered because it was all my fault. I know that Im not supposed to, but can I maybe smile? Just be happy? Or is that not for people like me?" Lucy is 17 when she decides she can't take it anymore at home, where her father hurts her. She runs away. Without any food, clothes, or she...

  • Childhood ( A NaLu Fairy Tail FanFiction)
    131K 3.5K 35

    Lucy Heartfillia, the Daughter of the famous Heartfilia Family, was always sheltered from the outside. Curious as she is, She plans to see the world where she have no idea that would expand her horizon, meet new individuals and face unexpected events. Old Summary: What if lucy and natsu meet when they were young...

  • Lucy's Weakness
    19.2K 729 14

    Lucy's memory of Natsu is gone? She remembers Fairy Tail and everyone. Except one person. Natsu breaks the promise he made to himself and decided it'd be best for her to forget him. But DOES Lucy want to forget? Meanwhile, Evil is brewing to take advantage of the situation! Follow Natsu and Lucy as they go in searc...

  • Fairy Tail: You're Lucy of Fairy Tail. (A NaLu Fan Fiction)
    917K 28.3K 24

    - - - - Lucy is a passerby, stopping in the town of Magnolia to replenish herself before continuing on her lonely journey. She has a rare form of magic; Celestial Mage Magic. She's the only one who possesses such, but it's considered a disgusted magic to mages. When Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu D...

  • Nalu Fairy Tail (There's us)
    4.9K 223 28

    Lucy was the offspring of two powerful god but due to her evil mother who tricked her to do an evil deed that caused her to lost her stayed in heaven. Lucy was bound to Earth for a limited amount of time and during that time she meet many good, bad people, and demons. Update every Sunday ^-^

  • The Pink Dragon and His Princess (NaLu)
    259K 9.4K 43

    The Kingdoms of Celestial, Tartaros, and the Hidden Kingdom are at war. * * * * Lucy Heartfilia, the Crowned Princess of the Celestial Kingdom, is in the middle of it. There is a power inside her. A power so pure, that even the stars themselves wish to be apart of it. In her world, there is no Magic. For Magic was ba...

  • FairyTail: Save Me ~ A NaLu FanFiction!
    35K 1.2K 13

    *CRINGE AND OLD* It was one peaceful day when Team Natsu decided to go on a job. Lucy was happy to go on the job, but as they get on the train, she gets a feeling something big was going to happen. And something did! She touched a stone to make all her memories go away and turning her into a child! The only way to tur...

  • Goodbye (a nalu fanfic)
    8.1K 215 11

    this story is about lucy leave the guild and bla bla bla. in this story lissana not a bad person and the badguy is ...... JUST READ TO FIND OUT OKAY ^_^ !!!!!

  • Heartbroken (Fairytail Love Story NaLu Fanfic)
    188K 3.8K 21

    Lucy missed her best chance in the world, Natsu confessed to her, but didn't give him an answer. The next day everything changes, something happened to Natsu. He remembered confessing to Lisanna instead of Lucy. Lucy believes that Natsu loves her.... But one day Lucy saw something she wished she never did. Natsu kiss...

  • Just A Player Who Fell In Love With The Girl He Played With... (Nalu)
    87.6K 2.5K 10

    Natsu Dragneel, is a player who played with girls a lot. (Mostly sleeping with them)He started doing that ever since his girlfriend cheated on him and really hurt him. He met a girl named Lucy Heartfilia and he founds out that she is different from any other girl in Fairy High. They started dating but he also has his...

  • Stellar (Fairy Tail NaLu Fanfic)
    73.1K 2.4K 11

    "Thanks for everything, Natsu." Lucy gave him one last smile before the flames engulfed her entire being. "LUUUUUCCCYY!!!" Natsu cried in horror as he helplessly watched his blonde partner being burned alive. "THAT'S THAT DRAGON BOY! NOW I WILL BE FULLY RESURRECTED THANKS TO HER SACRIFICE!" Avaicto laughed maniacally...

  • Let Me Love You
    77K 3.1K 16

    Natsu watched her walk on to the bus searching for a seat. He looked into the blonde's eyes, and saw the pain that they held. The first thing that came to his mind is that he wants to find out what happened and help her. But he might just fall in love with her and just maybe, love helps her find happiness again. **AU...

  • Fairy Tail's Water Dragon Slayer (NaLu)
    97.2K 3.2K 10

    ~SNAIL UPDATES BEWARE~ July 7, X777. The day all the dragons disappeared, including young Lucy Heartfilia's dragon, Aquamarine, the Water Dragon. Lucy felt broken on that day, she had no family left. Her parents died. Her sister died protecting her. And now, her dragon was gone. Since then, Lucy vowed to become str...

  • To love again (A NaLu fanfiction)
    1K 56 9

    My name is Lucy Heartfilla, a year ago today I ran away from home. I met a dragon slayer called Natsu Dragneel and he welcomed me into his wizard guild called Fairy Tail. When the wizards of Fairy Tail asked me why I ran away I told them it was because of my father and his cold attitude... but that wasn't entirely tru...

  • Fairy Tail - The Dark Days [A NaLu FanFiction]
    68.6K 2.4K 15

    When a great danger threatens Fiore, certain mages from Fairy Tail are called to go investigate. Unfortunately, Lucy Heartifilia is not one of them. This greatly angers her, and she feels weak and useless. She takes leave from Fairy Tail to become stronger. She wants to show the world she's not weak. ❝I'll be stro...

  • I'll be here for you
    78.1K 2.2K 10

    Lucy. Lucy is a student at Fairy Tail High, and is bullied by people, simply because they are jealous. Natsu. Natsu is an average kid, going to the same school as Lucy. When Lucy meets Natsu, what will happen?! Read to find out! FAIRY TAIL BELONGS TO HIRO MASHIMA

  • College Days - NaLu fanfic
    47.8K 1K 25

    Lucy Heartifilla, the princess of Fiore, suddenly gets evicted from her mansion! Her popularity ratings drop, but her dreams of going to Fairy Tail University are high! Once she gets a scholarship to her dream school, how will she handle it? Will she find love? Will she make friends who don't treat her like shit? (A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love and Lucky (A Fairy Tail "NaLu" FanFic)
    981K 27.6K 37

    This story revolves around a girl named Lucy Heartfilia. She lives in the magical world of Fairy Tail, a guild composing of wizards. During her stay there, she has experienced lots of adventures, as well as mishaps and misfortunes (due to her team mates reckless actions), but after a while, she finds it in her heart t...

  • Maid of Natsu Dragoneel
    16.1K 492 20

    Lucy Heartifillia also known as the new maid of the infamous Natsu Dragoneel of the Dragoneel company this is a romance between Maid and master I hope you like

  • Wish (NaLu Fan Fic.)
    2.7K 71 3

    A Boy and A Girl A Jock and A Nerd A Popular and A Nobody An Idiot and Talented Is this what they call, fate?

  • The dark dragon( a nalu fanfiction)[completed]
    244K 4.6K 12

    Lucy Heartfilia a was celestial Mage, sad after she had just figured out that her boyfriend sting had cheated on her, with one of her best friends.Because of this she has went to club that night to drink and take her mind if things. Natsu dragneel was a dragon slayer I his time period of finding his mate. One day when...

  • Match Made (NaLu) Completed
    206K 6.4K 36

    Lucy Heartfilia is a rich, beautiful, and popular girl. What else could she ask for? NOT a fiancé. When Lucy's famous parents tell her she needs to get married at the age of 18, she is shocked. As a firm believer in true love, she is devastated. But who said arranged marriages don't have any love? Also, this is one...

  • My One and Only Maid (NaLu Fan fiction)
    29.9K 1.1K 21

    What if Natsu becomes Takumi, and Lucy becomes Misaki?! Lucy Heartfilia is the so called 'Demon President' in Fairy Tail High-once an all boys school but decided to be allow girls- she works hard to make it an eco-friendly and peaceful school to gain a good reputation and so that more girls would enroll. Although she...

  • Fairy Tail Training Camp
    448K 13.3K 64

    Completed. When the Master of Fairy Tail announces a training camp to help improve the abilities of the wizards, everyone is super excited. But, what everyone doesn't know is that after the camp, a surprise has been planned, and that surprise may help to bring certain people closer together. Dare we say certain shipme...

  • I'm in love with the girl,who I hated (nalu fanfic)
    97.8K 2.7K 15

    Natsu the typical hot jock at school And then u have lucy the popular pretty blonde Natsu hates lucy Lucy hates natsu They don't care about each other But when lucy gets told to tutor nasty Will a friendship bloom Or will feelings bloom? Natsu and lucy hangout one day and lucy realizes she has feelings for natsu...

  • Fairy Tail: Take Me Away
    22.8K 932 9

    #AU Suffering from both Depression and Anxiety, Lucy's life pretty much have been a living hell. Adding her mother and father's abcense, it only goes further down the drain. She spends everyday locked up in her room, crying or reading. When her father one day comes home from a business trip, he decides that enough is...

  • The Devil Princess {Nalu Fanfic}
    69.6K 2K 17

    Lucy has a secret, and that secret happens to be being the princess of hell. She now lives on Earth under circumstances, danger's arise for her and her friends the longer she stays on the Earthland. She didn't realize that by living on Earthland she fell in love with it, she fell in love with the guild and she loved a...

  • Fairy Tail: The Luminous Star of Caballeen (A NaLu Fan Fiction)
    543K 16K 46

    As Lucy appears in the guild one day, she seems as normal and happy as everyone knows and loves; the girl Natsu and the others have known for a long time. But when someone attacks the Fairy Tail guild, claiming to want the Junsuina, the heroes of Fairy Tail face the ultimate threat; not just against their guild, but...