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  • Sincerely, Florida
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    With a father in critical condition in the hospital, and a mother who disappeared one day when she was just six years old, Florida has lived a life that only seems to get worse as time goes by. To endure, she wrote letters. Lots of letters. Tons of letters to the mother she had never gotten a chance to know. For years...

  • Oddities
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    Julio had never bought into the whole 'soulmates' thing, but it's still like a punch to the gut when the name printed across Yandel's wrist isn't his.

  • My Short Stores
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    This is just a collection of short stories that I will be writing over the course of this school year. I am in a creative writing class and I have a lot of time to build on this craft. I hope you guys enjoy!

  • Epic Tales from Beautiful Minds: An Ooorah Anthology
    16.2K 1.2K 58

    Inspired by @rskovach's DECAMERON 2.0, EPIC TALES FROM BEAUTIFUL MINDS is a sci-fi anthology. Spread across multiple sub-genres, EPIC TALES features short stories from Wattpad's best sci-fi writers. The majority of these different sub-genres feature interconnected tales. Fancy something epic? Then jump on in!

  • SmackDown: MadMike's Revenge!
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    Left beaten, bloodied and bruised in a ditch somewhere, @MadMikeMarsbergen lost the Pot 1 Finals of SmackDown: The Second Coming to @torontojim (who later ended up winning the Grand Finals, too). Now he's back to get some revenge on all you competitors... in @Ooorah's SmackDown: MadMike's Revenge! Open to all. Thi...