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  • Camren Text (camren)
    270K 6.1K 64

    Camila and Lauren texting. It's funny. I swear. Read it. Now!!! ;) 97% comedy

  • Lern and Camz
    232K 6.9K 84

    Wrong number?

    Completed   Mature
  • Childhood Memories- Camren Fanfic
    210K 5.6K 58

    Camila and Lauren were childhood best friends. They did everything together, literally. But then Lauren had to leave n they haven't seen each other since then. Camila then finds a random number lying around. She was curious so she texts it. Was it the right thing to do? Was it the wrong thing to do? Would it change he...

  • Camren Text
    79.6K 2.1K 13

    Camila receives a kik from Lauren. They find out they go to the same school, however there friends hate each other. What will happen?

  • SMS-Camren
    324K 7.2K 68

    Just Read, Hoe!

  • Unexpected
    154K 4.9K 102

    Ally , Lauren , Normani and Dinah just ended their show and they are back to school the next day . Lauren is Talking with her friends , when she sees her ex Girlfriend with a brunette girl that makes Lauren lose all her chill. WARNING: G!P .

    Completed   Mature
  • Drunken Messages- CAMREN
    301K 9.1K 49

    Lauren gets a little to drunk and she randomly texts a stranger who seems to be Camila. Will they become friends or not?

  • The Group Chat That Changed It All- Lauren/You
    1.7M 68.7K 130

    (Lauren/you) G!P you One day you get thrown into a random group chat by a random girl, and maybe just maybe you find love... Highest Rank: #3 in fanfiction

  • Step by Step
    364K 9.8K 29

    Lauren and Camila become neighbors on the first day of school. Camila is a junior and Lauren is a senior. As they establish a friendship, Camila goes to Lauren for guidance.

  • you make me sick (for being so perfect)
    3.5M 114K 82

    Lauren Jauregui is a lot of things. She's caring, she's intelligent and she's beautiful. But Camila Cabello doesn't notice those things when she and Lauren first come into contact. Camila notices her nervous ticks, and how she refuses to look at her, and how she never furthers conversation. At first, Camila takes that...

  • Fuċҡ Mє - Cąmřɛŋ
    161K 4.1K 27

    -Completed- What happens when fuckgirl Lauren juaregui texts the straight A nerdy Camila cabello.

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Little Secret (Camren)
    84.1K 2.9K 12

    Camila Cabello was the school's Queen Bee. Popular, extremely beautiful, smart and has the whole school wrapped around her fingers. Lauren Jauregui was the school's athlete. She was one of the best Softball players in the school but she wasn't as popular as Camila. But no one knew that Lauren and Camila knew each othe...

  • Pretending ➵ camren
    360K 10.1K 67

    "i'm gay" "sorry, i meant straight" COMPLETED: July 26, 2017 HIGHEST RANK: 75 in Fanfiction. Thank you.

  • The Stripper (Camren)
    8.1M 164K 61

    Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking about it and actually living it, there was a very big difference, believe it. Imagine... Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What's your type? Hard, I kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Group Chat
    917K 36.6K 199

    Random group chats with you and the girls + others. girlxgirl

  • Wrong Number That Changed My Life (Camren)
    175K 4.4K 31

    You have received a message G!p Camila

  • New Message
    27.8K 437 6

    Camren My first story hope its good and yea

  • The Girl Online (Camren)
    38.7K 1K 10

    Summer has been off to an odd start for Lauren Jauregui, usually she is out and about roaming around Miami and finding new beaches or enjoying the nice weather at her beach house with her best friends, but her plans were canceled when they end up going on a family vacation to Spain. Since all of her friends are away f...

  • I told you that I wasn't Perfect (Camren)
    82.7K 1.9K 27

    Camila is starting a new school for senior year. She switched from her public school, to a small private school in the same city. She sees a girl with green eyes and can't stop thinking about her and her raspy voice. Will they ever become more than friends once she knows the green eyed girl isn't straight?

  • Sent. (Camren) *complete*
    495K 15.7K 37

    Unknown- Which one screams 'fuck me, and don't be gentle'. Lauren- Definately the second. Unknown- Thanks, DJ! Lauren- Um... who's 'DJ'?.

    Completed   Mature
  • The message
    71.7K 1.3K 12

    Camila sends Lauren a text message thinking it is someone else. They start talking and become really great friends.

  • I miss us. (Camren)
    115K 1.8K 20

    "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?" Lauren listened to the track through her headphones and endless memories filled her head. It's been months since her or Camila have interacted in any way. They've recently started a new tour and things have been terribly exhausting. Management have be...

  • Internet Friends || Camren
    69.4K 1.9K 15

    1 Follow Requests Approve or ignore requests. @laurenjauregui ✘ ✔

  • kik ➵ camren
    526K 18.4K 43

    In which camren is introduced via drunk texting and Camila enjoys talking to Lauren because unlike many others, she doesn't know every single detail about Camila's life.

  • It all started as a game - Camren
    52.1K 1.3K 13

    This is about Camila being a new kid at school and Lauren hating her cause she's stealing the spotlight away from Lauren and Lauren would do anything to make Camila regret joining the school.

  • Impossible (Camren)
    270K 6.6K 27

    Lauren Jaurengui and Camila Cabello have been friends for a long time, but what happens when one of them starts getting feelings for the other. Will she accept her? Will she have feelings back? Or does she already have them??

  • camren; texts
    22.3K 266 3

    random conversations between camila & lauren via texts

  • Friends With Benefits
    194K 4.8K 19

    Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are best friends, but are also so much more than that. They physically crave one another, but are also mentally on the same wavelength. Will they always be okay with being 'just friends'? Or will they fall for one another?

  • Who's That?
    136K 4.8K 27

    Texts. All we have to say. ruunningwithdreamss and goodmanqwerty Cover by SLOTHTATO (some of these texts are actual conversations between rrunningwithdreamss and goodmanqwerty. All very interesting) Camila g!p

  • "Text Me" (Camren)
    679K 20.5K 136

    Camila meets a girl and she types in her number to see her again, but it seems to be a prank since when she texts it's not the same person.