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    ❝is your name really jughead?❞

  • Stranded (A Percy Jackson and Moana/Vaiana crossover)
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    "Amazing book" ~ Random person "The most beautiful story you will ever read" ~ Some newspaper "The summary doesn't actually say what the book is about" ~ Another random person "Percy strands on the island of Montonui with no memory of his past adventures, what will happen when he starts to remember and Maui shows up w...

  • Our Final Stand (Percy Jackson & Kingdom Keepers)
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    Back in time five of them go. A group of half-bloods and children that glow. To save a friend from the hands of the fates. Only together can they keep the timeline straight. One by one, people will start to become missing. The only way to break a spell is true lovers kissing. Green eyes on the watch everywhere. Can th...

  • Survivor (Percy Jackson Crossover) [#Wattys2014]
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    It Happened too fast. One day it was there the next it wasn't. The Mist was gone. The Humans, or muggles, or mortals, or whatever you call them, rebelled against the thought of anything beyond average. They locked them up. They wiped their memories. They tried to kill them. There is only one safe place for them. It is...

  • The Order reads pjo fem!percy
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    Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are siblings demigods are going to help wizards with their war but before The Order will read the pjo series After HoO and Harry fifth year

  • Magical Demigods
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    The Seven At Hogwarts. Percy and Nico are sent undercover to a school of magic and wonder, Hogwarts. Later on the rest of the seven come and it's utter chaos from there... You need to read it to experience it.

  • Pernico/Percico One-Shots
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    This is a book of short stories about Percy and Nico. Some will be Rated-R (smut) and some will be fluffy, but none of these are, or will be, angsty. I have an (R) in every title of the smut one-shots, so it will be easier to find, or avoid, what you are looking for. Request if you want. I do not own these characters...

  • Why Me?...(Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross over)
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    Sadie Kane, a 14 year old, a host of Isis. and here I am heart broken, Walt cheated on me with Jazz!!! What did I ever do wrong? I can't with Anubis because 1.) my over protective brother won't let me date someone way to old, 2.) Anubis is a god. Percy Jackson a 16 year old, son of Poseidon, he'd just broken up with...

  • Crazy feelings
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    Nephthys is Anubis' mom. Nephthys possessed Zia. Anubis possessed Nico. Now where does that leave Zia and Nico? The two manage to find some common ground after a bitter argument. !!! This story isn't mine, it's Asilda's on Fanfiction. !!!

  • Percy Jackson + The Kane Chronicles CrossOver
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    This will be by Nico's and Sadie's POV for now...

  • Nico di Angelo and Hecate's Gift (A Nico @ Hogwarts Fic)
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    Rewrite of Nico di Angelo, Hiding at Hogwarts When the gods deem fit to reward the seven and other brave campers, Nico's efforts somehow remain unacknowledged and unrewarded. Hades objects to this, and Nico is gifted with several things from three different godly beings. The first gifts are from his father and Thanato...

  • Percy Jackson Meets the Kanes
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    Percy Jackson and Kane chronicles crossover

  • Carter and Sadie meet Percy *Discontinued*
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    Title I suppose. Discontinued so it's unnecessary. The site wants me to add one for some reason.

  • Two Worlds Collide
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    Nico di Angelo meets Sadie Kane.

  • Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson
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    Note: Chapter 2 is all about Leo's return and how Percy takes things into his own hands to bring his friend back. Percy Jackson is sent to Hogwarts on a diplomatic mission to forge ties between the worlds of wizardy and mythology. AN: Please give me feedback I wont update my story if I don't get any comments I have o...

  • Unexpected Allies (A short HoO Kane Chronicles Crossover) [Unedited]
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    When the Seven and Nico pop into The Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted to pick up Malcolm and take him to camp they run into a couple of magicians. It gets even worse when they follow them to camp.