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  • Holly And Nathan, An Unusual Love Story. (#jojob97)
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    Jojo_B is the author of Bad Boy With Wings. Holly and Nathaniel are one of the characters from her book. This is a FanFiction of her amazing characters, but Holly's story in particular, stood out the most to me. I don't know why, but in my version of Holly's story is different from Jojo's version, but this is a Fan...

  • Seven Deadly Sins #jojob97
    1.6K 24 2

    A one shot filled with one shots. A collection of short light hearted tales of the seven brothers in which: Phoenix gets taught a lesson, Landon teases a prude, Walter is annoyed(suprise suprise lol), Eli rants. Basically, Gomez can't seem to let go, Giovanni is tempted, And severn is frustrating. Enjoy.

  • TSDSB one shot (Jojo B's writing comp)
    1.9K 36 2

    The day before Walter and Coral's wedding Coral leaves early in the morning to have a heart - to - heart to the Simpsons beloved sister Eunice.

  • The Four Fs (One Shot) [ EDITING ]
    1.2K 22 1

    A one shot on one of my favourite books written by @Jojo_B . As you can see from the title, the book is called 'The Four Fs' so please read the book before reading this one shot. I hope you like it!

  • Caravan Boy || One Shot
    340 11 1

    Ashton loves Stella. And Stella Loves Ashton. This is only a one shot for Caravan Boy by Jojo_B.

  • The Tale Of The Fallen Princess |✔️
    411 24 2

    Holly. Yes, that is my name. My love: Nathaniel My friend: Nobody My enemy: Randal Randal should be my friend. All the demons should be. We're the same, aren't we? That's what you might be thinking. But no, it's not true. Who knew that I was a fallen princess? -Jojo_B's one shot contest-

  • SDSB one shot
    796 11 3

    What happens when Eli finds out that one of his brothers had saved same pictures of him and his beautiful dead twin sister? Will he be happy with all the memories, which come flooding in? Or will the thought of his dead twin sister send him over the edge?

  • Jojo_B's writing competition: My entry
    362 6 2

    just a short story on Eli and Hayley it written in the universe of the old book around the time Coral moves in with the Simpsons and Hayley's parents are divorcing

  • TSDSB || One Shot
    1.6K 59 1

    Eli Simpson meets someone that will change his life. This is only a one shot for The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers by Jojo_B.

  • Humble Opponent || Micah
    1.8K 46 5

    Jojo_B's one shot competition entry: The characters of the boys and original storyline is from Jojo_B's Bad Boys With Wings. It is one of my favourite books on Wattpad and I suggest that you definitely go and check it out! © Victoria Cable 2016

  • Mornings (SDSB One Shot)✔️
    2.1K 70 1

    Several years after Severn was discharged from the hospital with long scar serving as a distant memory of being stabbed, the Simpsons and Coral have been living life to the fullest. Walter proposed to Coral one sunny day at the park and plan on getting married sometime mid-summer the following year. Landon has spent...

  • JoJoB BBWW Oneshot
    476 3 1

    If you have read Bad Boys With Wings or any other JoJoB stories then you should know that she's having a one shot contest. :)

  • TSDSB One Shot: Phoenix's Story
    531 16 1

    I've read Jojo B's The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers so many times I hardly have time to do anything else. *cough cough, chores*. But I admire her writing a lot, so I've decided to do a one shot for Phoenix. This one shot will focus on his POV the whole time. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

  • Bad boys With Wings [One Shot]
    13.1K 201 4

    Highest Ranking- #374 In Paranormal