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  • The Walking Dead Memes
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    title says it all

  • Carols daughter
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    What if Carol had another daughter before Sophia was made and she ran away when she met Ed she couldn't take the life there and being abused and let her little sister see that but she had to before she goes to prison for murdering him what if she came back in the zombie apocalypse started and found no one now she is o...

  • Dixons little sis In love with a grimes
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    Hey I'm Katy I'm 27 I have a temper like darlina and Merle well thank goodness I don't got his looks I'm in the apocalypse with darlena Merle and some group I somewhat get along with people well except the whori oops I mean Lori ya she hates me for some reason ..........

  • Carl Grimes Imagines.
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    Carl Grimes is life. Chandler Riggs, also included. A book of imagines that no one will probably read because I suck at writing. Well enjoy. :)

  • Daryl's daughter
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    Elizabeth Dixon a 13 year old girl who has been surviving in the zombie apocalypse. when she loose's her mother will she find her dad? Will she find safety? Will she find hope? Rest? Comfort? Family? Friends? Will she find love? Read to find out!!

  • Flaws || h.s.
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    "There's a difference between trying to cope and trying to die. Trying to cope is... looking for a way to hold on, to get better, feel better. Trying to cope is plain trying. Trying to die is giving up. Trying to die is your last possible option when the coping isn't working anymore. When there's nothing left to hold...

  • Unexpected Friendship
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    This is a story about a bullied girl that isn't always the brightest but that doesn't stop a certain new comer from developing a friendship with her. This is just a short Book that i will enjoy writing er- typing and I hope you enjoy reading. None of the art belongs to me. Oh and by mature I don't mean smut I mean sel...

  • Hopelessly in Love with An Idiot
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    (Book Two of An Idiot series. Must read the first book; not a stand alone.) Just when everything finally seems to be settling down for Dante and Haley, life decides that it wants throw them back on to their rollercoaster ride. Only this time they're not dealing with the local gangs or old enemies strung over the idea...