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  • Honesty is the Best Policy! {w/Rosy}
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    This story focuses on Rosy the Rascal and her conflict with a green pineapple. I am going to try not to stray from this topic by accidentally studying other characters and relationships (though I'll have to admit that Shadow and Rouge and Shadow and Infinite are a little tempting). To sum up Honesty is the Best Policy...

  • Your Stubborn *HAITUS*
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    "You're really stubborn, you know that right?" Sonic said as he placed a hand on top of my locker. I scoffed at the senior and flipped a quill in the jocks face. "Stubborn or just smart?" With that, I shoved him out of the way and proceeded down the hallway. Little did I know that he wouldn't give up that easy.

  • Hearts' Art Book 2016
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    New Year and new art book! I know I have a DeviantArt for this, but where in the world do I put sketches and half-drawings? Also, if you DO want to sneak a peak at my DeviantArt, you can easily find a link on my profile page. Also, the cover page is temporary. Not sure exactly what to use for an art book. *derp*

  • •Sonadow When Can You Be Mine•
    6.2K 344 19

    Sonic has found himself loving another, a familiar hedgehog that looks like him, some möbian that he can't have. Will he ever be able to love him or will he be hurt forever? .:WARNING MAY CONTAIN:. Self Hate Self Harm Depression Suicide Thoughts Abuse(verbal and physical) And maybe a few other things .:JUST SO YOUR W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scourge Adventure
    1.4K 47 13

    (Scourge Sonic Adventure) Caution: Content -> Yaoi coupling. Profanity. Inappropriate jokes. Angst. Suicidal thoughts. Scourge in general. Author -> Slow updates. Occasional edits. Occasional rants. Desperate for ideas. ~ Second Story ~ Started: August 2015 Ended: Never

  • Honesty is the Best Policy! {Café Edition}
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    SO! This story is about everyone working at a maid café! Which of course means all the Sonic girls + Shadow are going to work there. Expect multiple cameos from characters not from Sonic because this story is the collector of all kinds of fan service! Honest and a couple other OCs of mine will be in this, too, of cour...

  • Their Love*Sonadow*
    22.3K 619 11

    Sonic and Shadow hate each other. They don't ever want to be with each other and when they have the chance, they will stay away from each other at all cost. But, when it comes to work they are both partners in crime. Sonics forced against his will to work for G.U.N and after threatening to kill his dear brother, it...

  • Silver's Help
    12.5K 404 10

    Hello, my Lovely Mints! I am back at it again with the Shadilver stories. This is the first story of mine that will have an actual lemon, so if you don't like stuff like this, ze door is open, you may leave. In this story, Shadow is having a body problem that he calls the adorable Silver to help him with. I own the st...

  • Hedgehog in Shining Armor
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    Sonic as a kid always wondered why his family had such good luck and his father, the King of Camelot, Jules, was now pushing him to marry since he reached 17. However, Sonic doesn't think he is ready to marry yet and he is quite glad when his parents agree. Aleena, the Queen and his mother, had always said that he wou...

  • Supersonic Spectacular!
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    Sequel to The Everyday Life of Sonic and Friends, this story takes you on a journey through the day-to-day wacky scenarios experienced by Sonic and his pals. You don't have to read the first book, because this story stands alone as well. If you're an older fan of my stuff, you may have noticed that this story used to...

  • Cute sonadow and mephilver pics and comic.
    6.3K 203 21

    I have a lot of pics and comics about sonadow and mephilver. Who is these couple fan don't forget to download the pics. Love you :)

  • Shouldn't Have Left
    14.3K 480 15

    After an incident that happened five years ago, the Sonic gang split up, leaving Mobius. All except Amy Rose, left. Having enough, Amy called for a reunion. With everyones new lives, responsibilities, and problems, will they return? If they do, what will they be like? Will they figure out what happened to Sonic five y...