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  • another you ✧ irwin
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    Falling in love with Ashton was the easiest and most natural thing Avery has ever done. She never knew falling out of it would be just as easy. During the course of their one-year relationship, Ashton and Avery started to grow apart and branch out in different paths. Avery wanted to salvage what remains of their relat...

  • aesthetic [ashton irwin]
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    because he was so pleasing to the eye that aurora couldn't get enough. (cover by elle) [fanfiction #81]

  • 101 ways to get the girl ; ashton irwin
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    # 101: throw a frisbee at her face. [disclaimer: as of now, this story does not include lgbt characters, i only put the tag on this story so wattpad can donate another dollar to a good cause (idk if that is allowed but...)]