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  • Splatoon x Male Reader
    1M 15.1K 71

    You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. This story begins in Splatoon 2, but I will mark in the chapter list when the story jumps to Splatoon 3 for those of you who want to jump straight to that point instead. All rights for the characters and bits o...

  • Splatoon: Agent 8 x Agent 3
    141K 1.7K 36

    Male Agent 8 x Female Agent 3 After the Tartar's disastrous attempt to destroy Inkopolis Square and the remaining species on earth, Agent 8 finally arrives on the surface. Unfortunately, suspicion levels are high among the Inklings so he has trouble being accepted by them and getting accustomed to their...

  • The Order Of The Lukesse
    7.4K 248 10

    ALL LUKESSE SHIPPERS UNITE! W/ @Savvygirl67 @ReaTheMinecraftGirl @Cecegamer1291 @Wildkratticusfever And me, @B3N_DR0WN3D This book is about Lukesse (and other MCSM ships) moments, and just fangirling about how adorable they are! ~Kate :3

    9.5K 359 31

    Because Jetra is warring against Luktra right now and I need to rally the troops. Cover art by Random_Rengeki (hope I spelled that right)

  • MCSM Truth or Dare Remake!
    745 17 3

    Remake of Truth or Dare! Put in your dares!

  • No More
    86.3K 4.5K 122

    After winning the Building Competition without her, her friends Petra, Axel, and Olivia no longer acknowledge Jesse, a shy girl, as a friend. Now alone, she received a book that was created by the Old Builders that will give her power. How will she use this power? For good? To show that she can become something more...

  • Minecraft Story Mode: A Different Story
    22.4K 667 26

    Jessica aka Jessie, daughter of The Founder and heir to Sky City's throne, has always been a great builder like her mother but sometimes feels left out of her mother's life. Always having to go down to the base of the island to get resources and always having to lock up innocent people for a stupid law. Now that's she...

  • Motions of the Ocean
    12.8K 270 15

    (Since i'm done with The Secrets of a young boy, I will make the other book people voted on) It's summer vacation! Everyone goes lazy or explore for the Summer. Petra, Lukas, Axel and Olivia, teachers of Minecraftia High School go to a cruise. Although, Petra and Lukas Don't seem to have fun, especially after the dram...

    Completed   Mature
  • Text Time! (MCSM texts, emails etc.)
    106K 3.2K 55

    This is basically what the Orders of the Stone do when you aren't playing...

  • You Know You're a MCSM Fan When...
    114K 6.4K 58

    Basically everything a MCSM fangirl/fanboy does daily. XD Original Idea. Please give credit if you decide to recreate. All characters and plot belong to Telltale Games and Mojang.