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  • The Guardians and their doors.
    87K 3.8K 44

    Sequel to Mortals meet the god Perseus. Reunited with some, separated from others, the guardians are trapped in an alternate dimension where they must "nudge" things along without anyone finding out that they aren't exactly natives. Someone duct tape Leo to a tree, please.

  • The Fox and the Wolf (Sterek)
    5.6K 214 13

    Derek and Stiles have just found each other. The pack had just met that Seven, Percy and his friends have left. Percy to meet his new uncle and his friends back to camp. (Percy Jackson meets the Avengers) Stiles is now something nobody expected. He is a werefox. A powerful one at that. A sarcastic and funny individu...

  • The Demi-God of Vengeance
    254K 4.4K 49

    Percy Jackson's live was to say the least absolutely terrible.His foster dad abused him to the extreme and the foster mother watched.Both had an drug and alcohol addiction.What happens when a weird flaming skeleton tells him of a heritage that he didn't know about and offer him great power.You'll have to see.

  • The Torn Son of Poseidon
    99.6K 3.1K 18

    Tartarus has finally taken its toll on the sea god's son. Now that the giant war is over how will the sea green eyed demigod recover from the nightmares caused by Tartarus. Will the daughter of Athena be able to save him or is it another of his friends and admirer to help him out. Specifically a dark eyed, black h...

  • Aiónios; The Lord of Time 🔧
    63.3K 1.6K 28

    Infrequent updates... Luke is back from the dead, swearing that he is a better person. Percy is gone and is now the host of Kronos. Not many outside of Luke knew why Percy decided to allow Kronos inside him. Some think that he finally gave into the other side, others think he was forced to, either from Luke or the Ti...

  • Child Soap Opera
    984 125 19

    Before you read any more, we should probably warn you- this is not Fanfiction. Fanfiction is gross. This? This is the story of a high-schooler named Andy Wack and her friends Jona, Duffy, and Pyrus (there are others, but they're not as important). And no, they have NOTHING to do with characters from a certain Disney C...

  • Different (Percy Jackson Superpower AU)
    74.1K 3.4K 10

    Leo was running Piper was stealing Frank was mourning Hazel was hiding Jason was dying Annabeth was keeping secrets. Percy Jackson was trying to save the world. All too soon these seven lives will collide. With little in common they'll have to work together to stop the impending destruction of the entire world. But...

  • Ordinary (A Percy Jackson Story)
    37.3K 2.9K 13

    Being a demigod isn't easy. "Family Luke, you promised." It isn't fair. "If anything happens, give that to Nico." It gets dangerous. "There is no throne to Nemesis." Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Most of the time, it gets you killed. But everyone deserves a second chance. Even if it comes with a twist. T...

  • Survivor (Percy Jackson Crossover) [#Wattys2014]
    68.8K 3.3K 18

    It Happened too fast. One day it was there the next it wasn't. The Mist was gone. The Humans, or muggles, or mortals, or whatever you call them, rebelled against the thought of anything beyond average. They locked them up. They wiped their memories. They tried to kill them. There is only one safe place for them. It is...

  • The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A What?
    805K 25.5K 35

    Percy has been through a lot, being kidnapped, having his memory wiped, several battles, two wars. He does not need anything else to happen. Too bad the wizards, which are real apparently (!?), didn't get the memo. Well, you know the phrase, when in Rome. (Heh, Rome, get it?) (After BoO and during Order of the Phoen...

  • Prince beyond the Stars (Percy Jackson/Son of Chaos Fan-Fiction)
    623K 17K 29

    Chaos told me to never think of the moment again, but it was all I could ever do. Even after fivehundred years of immortality, it pained me as much like it just happened yesterday. And as much as everybody tried to make it better, they simply couldn't. I might be the highest commander of Chaos' Army, having done so ma...

  • Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Goes To Hogwarts)
    569K 16.3K 46

    A nice, relaxing, day at the beach; a romantic movie and dinner with Annabeth. Those were my plans before Gandalf's twin, mini me, and a couple others arrived at my door, asking for Perseus Riddle. Now I have to go to some school named after a pig's disease. There goes my plans; stupid fates. -Cliche ends some time af...

  • Son of the Rivers (Wattys 2015 Entry)
    740K 25.2K 23

    A being born from the Five Rivers of the Underworld, stronger than most gods, Feared by many. Always hiding, always there. An immortal being that carries out the will of the Rivers. Stronger than a First-Born of a god. Much stronger. He is made of the Essence of the rivers. But he was not always like this. He was once...

  • The Fatal Flaw Of Olympus (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    34.3K 588 5

    The gods made a mistake a mistake that change a man into a monster. The Flaw was once a man that was held high in regards by the gods. But with one action the son of Poseidon became a victim of Zeus wrath, But soon the gods need his help once more to not just save a planet but a galaxy. Rated M (Gore, blood, lemons, a...

  • Gods and Angels: A Percy Jackson Story
    212K 3.8K 30

    In a time before man, before gods there was only darkness, a void of nothingness. Here rested two beings, Void and the other, who at this time was not a being, but a consciousness of a person, a person of great importance but whose time has not come... A different type of Percy Jackson betrayed story. Not a Chaos stor...

  • [1] New Beginnings: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Philosopher's Stone
    321K 12.3K 31

    [1] New Beginnings: EDITING - MAKING BIG CHANGES Percy Jackson was adopted at the age of seven by the nastiest family in the world: the Dursleys. He met Harry Potter, the most wonderful person in the entire universe, that same day. Though completely unrelated, the boys were nearly identical, a connection forming betwe...

  • Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ]
    578K 33.2K 199

    ☆ first part of percy jackson jokes !! ☆ not all jokes are mine !! ☆ rankings; 》category: #17 on random 》hashtags; #1 on pjo | #1 on hoo #1 on joke | #6 on jokes

  • Nothing From the Gods
    381K 10.6K 38

    Percy hasn't been the same since the Giant War. He has been changed, and it's not for the better. When he stumbles into the Avengers' arms, they have trouble getting along and sharing their pain. However, they know Percy is not well and will do anything to help him. This story deals with heavy topics and Percy does no...

  • The Lost Memories (The Abandoned Ones Part 1 [PJ Fanfiction])
    6.3K 411 55

    Annabeth and Percy flashed towards the direction of trouble. Percy drew riptide while Annabeth pulled her dagger out. Finally, they stopped when they noticed, they weren't in green woods anymore. They were in the autumn woods. All the leaves were turning orange like it does in autumn. Both of them kept all their senso...

  • NO TURNING BACK: Percy Jackson-SHEILD's Super Soldier
    10.8K 453 16

    SEQUEL TO: PERCY JACKSON-HYDRA'S SUPER SOLDIER. READ THAT FIRST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ The Avengers and SHIELD are growing weaker. Three weeks prior to this update, they lost Captain America and their other asset we only know as "Hydra." He is not one of us, yet th...

  • Adopted By a Billionaire
    992K 34.2K 27

    Six year old Percy Jackson lives with his smelly step father, Gabe. After watching his mother die right in front of his eyes, Percy becomes a selective mute. However, that doesn't mean he's useless. The kid has something hiding behind the sea colored orbs. It only took a cup of hot coffee spilling on his expensive sui...

  • Avengers: Percy Screws Everything Up (Percy Jackson/ Avengers fanfic) ~
    227K 8.6K 25

    SHIELD Assessment Excerpt: "Percy Jackson joined SHIELD (ref.1) after the passing of his fiancé (ref.2), the promising agent completed his training with his flying colours (ref.34) and proceeded to undergo further training as a specialist agent (ref.23). Percy has commendable social skills (ref.31) but tends to only g...

  • Percy Jackson's sick secret (avengers)
    436K 16K 36

    Percy Jackson is sick He has a secret that he learns about after the prophecy of the seven Tony stark has a nephew When he find out his sister went missing he has to take care of percy But when he meet percy The secret he has to himself is reviled Percy's secret is horrible Not even the demigods know it but percy has...

  • Auntie Natasha (Percy Jackson/Avengers/other random crossovers)
    54.4K 1.6K 4

    Percy Jackson, a nine year old Shield Agent, just saw his Aunt's boyfriend/partner get turned into a mindless minion. Now he is willing to do anything to get him back. Even if it means pairing up with a stuck up billionaire, an old man, a rage monster, and a god. Besides he's got some powers they don't know about to k...

  • Recovering Hero ( Percy and Avengers crossover)
    125K 3.7K 9

    Percy is hurt . He runs into Bruce Banner who wants to help him. Thing get crazy from there as Percy joins the avengers family.

  • FADING SCARS (Avenger/Pjo crossover)COMPLETED
    429K 13.2K 26

    The world felt like it was suffocating him; letting him sink into the darkness until he was no longer willing to search for the light. They were gone. He was alone. Except for his Promise. His eyes; the ones that used to glitter like the sunrise upon the ocean waves, lay sunken deep in their sockets, shattered beyond...

  • Here I Stand (A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover)
    18.6K 766 21

    After the Giant war, things are settling down on the outside, but on the insides of the heroes, things are deteriorating. When thrust into a new group of outcasts and trouble makers, can Percy make it through his next challenge without collapsing on the inside? Follow Percy and his friend's journey through their PTSD...

  • Gathering Frost (Percy Jackson/avengers crossover) (complete) (#wattys 2015)
    58.1K 2.1K 14

    Sally Jackson always had bad luck and learned to let go of good things. Bad luck always reigned on the best of people. Follow Sally Jackson daughter of Poseidon with her tragic life. But for once she's not willing to let go of one thing..... Her son Percy Jackson. I DO NOT OWN MARVEL OR PERCY JACKSON

  • Percy Jackson, Son of Loki (complete)
    465K 13.4K 33

    ( avengers crossover) Percy Jackson descendent of Monetary titaness of memory, pharaoh blood of Cleopatra follower of sobek, Legacy of Poseidon, and son of Loki thought he was alone now that his mother Sally Jackson daughter of Poseidon was killed by the invasion of New York. Now he has to help the gods with a new all...

  • Guardians of Olympus
    8.1K 301 8

    The demigods are still children, and the mystery as to why they are kids is still.....well.........a mystery! And with Hope gone, Chitauri armies attacking Xandar and Thanos threatening Earth, well, what more could go wrong?! When The Guardians Of The Galaxy crash land in the avengers mansion looking for a mysterious...