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  • A real home (dadvid fanfic)
    48.7K 1.9K 8

    Summers over and everyone's going home with their parents, except Max. (Cover art by tuxedoflask)

  • Finding true family
    7.5K 275 12

    When tragedy strikes Max's family, David takes part in parenting, he adopts max!! David realizes that Max was not treated like he should have.

  • Sunshine {Danvid} (Dadvid) // [FINISHED]
    71.9K 3.6K 41

    Evil Gay man x Innocent Tree Man

    Completed   Mature
  • Dad in Training
    4.5K 270 4

    Camp Camp fanfic Summer is over and with the end of summer comes the end of camp. With all the camper's returning home, Max's parents have became M.I.A. With Max being forced into foster care after finding out he has no living relatives David steps up to take Max as his foster child. Max feeling like his life just be...

  • Don't Mind Us
    60.6K 3.3K 28

    Daniels back at Camp Campbell and he's not here for the kids. He's back for David. Apparently David wanted Daniel back too.

    Completed   Mature
  • Good Family
    7.5K 268 9

    Max gets adopted by David after he finds out Maxes parents are neglecting him. Eventually, Gwen joins and Nikki + Neil adopted too.

  • Monster Eyes - Camp Camp Dadvid AU
    11.6K 395 3

    " His Eyes Are Beautiful . " From birth, Max didn't have blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, or any of the normal colors. He had what his old parents and the kids at his school call "monster eyes". He always hated his eyes and wore contacts, but the summer after he was taken in by David, he lost his contact...

  • A Loving Father
    7.9K 432 8

    Max is tossed around from home to home, until David decides to foster him. Will Max set aside David's differences and accept him, or will Max be returned to the orphanage yet again? WARNING: story may contain spoilers and swearing, along with mentions of childhood abuse/starvation. read with caution. No art shown is m...

  • Isn't that just great. (Discontinued. Read the last A/N for details.)
    11.9K 504 10

    Another one of those Dadvid au fanfics. Trigger warnings: Child abuse, (I'll update these as the story goes on) Other warnings: Explicit language

  • Snap - Camp Camp Original Story
    3K 81 5

    Max is terrified, everyone thinks he's joking around about David being crazy. Has David finally snapped? Can Max figure out what's happening? Space Kid has gone missing, where is he? Does it have to do with David?

  • The Problem Child
    30.6K 1.5K 29

    People always question him about his anger issues. Its not his fault, really... Enter the mind of the ten year old who has more sadness in his life than Nurf... Max Gerret, the problem child. You dont know what he's been through... (Their aged up a little tho)

    Completed   Mature
  • Thanks, Dad
    9.4K 503 9

    David is gr8 and Max is a teary boi.

  • Camp Camp Shorts!
    26.2K 793 24

    Short fics starring the characters and their crazy shenanigans at Camp Campbell. I won't write anything involving NSFW topics, including detailed self harm and/or gore. I also won't write ships involving adults and minors. For chapters including sensitive topics, I will include a trigger warning at the end...