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  • Connections. (M.G.C. Story)
    81 5 7

    It all started off when a girl bumped into him on her way to science. •| Michael Gordon Clifford Story |• ©jackisthebetterhemmo

  • Hidden Love || Zick One Shot
    1.7K 32 2

    A fanfiction about nick bean and zach Clayton. Where Zach, rudan and nick meet for the first time, but nick and Zach realize they may have more feelings for each other than just as friends, but will they tell everyone or will there love have to stay hidden? ⚠ Warning: there will be boyxboy mature smut scenes if you do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Josh Dun is my son- Joshler
    249K 9.7K 54

    Tyler Joseph seems like a normal teenager, but really he is a stalker. Josh Duns stalker to be exact. He watches his every move and leaves little notes in his locker to make sure that he knows he's being watched. Little did Tyler know that Josh enjoys the attention, and has a creepy or stalker kink. A little later, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • 100 Things NOT to be Done at School! #Wattys2016
    2.8M 213K 112

    Don't you have that one time when you did something really stupid at school, and your parents were going to cook you over a fire? This book is all about what NOT to do/say to school! Copyright 2015 A l e y a h (Steal my stuff, I will cut off your eyelids so you can't blink!) All rights reserved. AWESOME COVER by...

  • The Boy With Cotton Candy Hair [Josher]
    755 15 10

    Josh is awkward but popular but Tyler is only half of that. Tyler suffers from depression and anxiety. What happens when they meet on Tyler's secret trail

  • The Strange Chicken noodle
    20 1 1

    This is about a bowl of soup

  • Family Comes First
    16.3M 588K 83

    Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip club and interviews her. Walking home that night, he kidnaps her and brings her home to be his son's wife. Now on an isolated farm, she is brainwashed t...

  • Bullied By Zach Clayton
    20.3K 509 25

    A girl name Kaylin Was a normal girl. She had a normal Childhood with her Brother Nick bean. Everything was great! She had the best boyfriend ever, her life was perfect until Highschool came along. She hasn't Had a break with this boy name Zach Clayton!

  • Sarah On Life
    6.8K 72 18

    Sarah's never been average. Okay, that's a lie, of course she has. But for the past three years she's been doing everything she can to avoid it. Sarah's given up men, she's given up love, and... she's never been happier. Imagine that. Top of her classes, and with true success only a few years away, she planned to be b...

  • Sarah
    118 7 1

    "Sa-rah...Sa-rah..." Sarah was my imaginary friend when I was 6 years old. My family and I had just moved into a new house and there weren't many children in the neighborhood. Actually, I don't believe there were any. So, I created my own friend. We'd play hide and go seek in my backyard. She'd braid my hair while we...

  • Adopted
    2.4M 77.4K 34

    Being adopted is hard, being adopted by a serial killer is even harder. Cover by: Verde56

  • Sally (Book 1)
    1.1M 39.2K 50

    "Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You talk ?" She smiled. "Of course I do. I was sent from the heavens to be your best friend. And nothing can tear us apart." Angela smiled and wiped her eyes off. She hu...

  • Again // Zach Clayton
    23.1K 588 19

    it's been two years since Kenzie and Zach have seen each other. Kenzie is out in LA living her dream, while Zach is back in Texas, packing all of his things to move out to LA to pursue his career. what happens when Kenzie's dream becomes a nightmare with the last person on Earth she wants to see? Will they get back to...

  • The One | Zach Clayton
    86.2K 2.3K 51

    ******* SEQUEL TO "THAT KID ON YOUNOW" GO READ IT BEFORE YOU READ THIS******* Zachary Clayton; a 14 year old boy who broadcasts daily on the app younow. Lives with his mom, stepdad, and brother Tyler McKenzie Lancaster; a 14 year old girl who lives with her mom, dad, and little sister Abigail McKenzie Lancaster is you...

  • The Skeletøn Bøy
    835K 41.1K 55

    The demons that haunt Elliott are turning him slowly insane, and the skeletons in his closet are begging him to play their sick little games. With an abusive mother breathing down his neck and horrifying secrets threatening to spill from his lips, Elliott is trapped. He knows he isn't allowed to love, but suddenly th...

  • Puppet Boy
    3.2M 147K 17

    "My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. #1 in horror - 12/6/15 [featured - 12/30/15] created Oct. 15 2015. All Rights Reserved WARNING: My books contain disturbing themes. This includes gore, murder...

  • BruhitsZachs Sister
    3.9K 146 21

    "Ugh I hate being here school sucks! Everyone only wants to be my friend because I'm bruhitszach little sister i want someone to like me for me" Leilani said "Honestly every slut, thot, hoe is on my dick to get to my brother" she said again

  • Baby Sat By 5quad?!
    79.3K 1.3K 27

    (This story has nothing to do with babies but I didn't know what to call it..... Soooo yeah. ENJOY<3) Kaitlin Smith is a 16 year old girl who discovers that her parents have to go on a business trip for the next 3-4 months. Kaitlin's mother doesn't want to go and leave her alone for that long because Kaitlin has a pro...

  • Accidental → Zach Clayton / Bruhitszach
    140K 2.7K 30

    "It was all an accident." "What was?" "This. Falling in love, watching your broadcasts." Started- June 2015 Ended- February 2016 Copyright 2015 © ahnheeon

  • #YouPayForWhatYouPost
    750K 13.7K 3

    Lori, Miranda, and Tess were best friends since first grade. Thick as thieves. Then one tragic night, Miranda goes missing. The sleepy little town of Maplewood is beside themselves as months pass with no word of the missing girl. Life goes on though and Lora and Tess are determined to move on as well. But can they?

  • Hide and Seek
    8.7M 280K 35

    How does your night go from a game of Hide and Seek with your best friend, to your parents being murdered the same night? On top of that, you're sent to live with your mother and father's best friend, Mrs. and Mr. Harmon. Although Emily and her brother have no idea who these people are, they're given the luxury life a...

  • Kidnapped // Ethan Dolan
    890K 26.6K 37

    She told to her parents that she's going to her friends house and then she'll be back early. But that time never came.

  • My younow boy
    12.3K 211 10

    Maddie never thought her life could change because of a younow boy

  • Is It Love?(BruhItsZach Fanfiction)
    179K 3.7K 82

    Moving a few hours from my friends wasn't easy but i managed i met lots of people i mean they didnt like me but i didn't care until i met the person who i have just melted over for a little less than a year his name,Zach Clayton the first kiss we shared was amazing that moment when his eyes stared into mine and he lea...

  • Bruhitszach gets nasty
    462 6 1

    Zachary invites me over when his parents are gone and things get real

  • Loving Zach Clayton
    38.6K 455 11

    Alyssa and her best Zach had known each other for 10 years and they both had feeling for but both of them didn't know it.... Until one night they had sex and everything changed

  • How I Met Him||BruhitsZach FanFic||
    20.2K 370 53

    This is a spin off of A Day In The Life Of Chole. Chole has just graduated from high school and is going to live with Hope for the summer in Texas but what Chole doesn't know is that her favorite YouNower BurhitsZach lives right next to her.

  • BruhitsZach Imagines
    112K 2K 71

    Request some and I'll tag you in them ❤️

  • Bullied By Younowers (Nathan triska)
    128K 4.4K 84

    Just a average girl named Victoria Smith. One day changed her whole life.

  • A Boy Named Zach (A Zach Clayton FanFiction.)
    121K 2.4K 21

    Jasmine has to move to Texas because her mom got a job there. She thought life would suck because she has moved. But then, she meets a boy. A boy named Zach. Read the story to find out more.