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  • Is This a Dream or Is It for Real(Kingdom Hearts Fanfic)
    37K 562 20

    A girl whose dreams always seem like reality but her reality is like her hearts worst nightmare.

  • Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru and Kaoru Love Story
    37.1K 822 10

    This story is in Hikaru's point of view. When Haruhi's cousin comes to Ouran the twins find themselves in a completely new situation for them...true love?

  • Defining Love (Lesbian)
    702K 11.3K 22

    Andy wants to live a heterosexual life after both of her mom divorced 17 years ago but can she make it when a beautiful model and actress admitted her attractions to her? Love is in the air...

  • Confessions of a closet lesbian (GirlxGirl) - A lesbian love story
    298K 4K 30

    (IN EDITING) Dana Lockhart is an average teenage girl struggling with the fact that she's a lesbian. When she recieves a journal for her 16th birthday, she decides to start a diary where she will attempt to come to terms with her homosexuality. In a society where homosexuality is frowned upon, what hope does she have...

  • Thanks for not killing me (lesbian love story)
    447K 7K 28

    Lillian Blood a relatively normal lesbian highschooler that meets a dark haired beauty who's name is Katherine Masters who happens to be a werewolf. **Fair warning: The first 22 chapters are currently a work in progress for revision but still readable if you aren't too anal about punctuation**

  • My High School Lesbian Love (slowly editing)
    3M 56.6K 29

    "No, this isn't possible, I like boys." I thought to myself. I've had a boyfriend since I was twelve.. But why was she so tempting? I watched her hands as they traced my bare skin with her finger tips, the way her soft lips parted into a sly smile, "tell me you want me." She whispered in my ear, her warm breath tickli...

  • SWEET (Lesbian)
    603K 7.2K 4

    Saint, that's her chosen name and if she has her own way no one would know her real one. If she has her own way a lot of things would happen, her mom would have never left, she would be normal and she would get to be with Nika. Yup, she's just another teenager in Toronto, she has a best friend to die for and a massive...