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  • Casted - a Dylan O'Brien Fan Fiction
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    Kaitlyn hears on the news one day that the MTV hit series "Teen Wolf" is holding auditions for the character "Stiles's Little Sister". Kaitlyn has a friend, Jenna who is OBSESSED with one of the actors on the show, Dylan Sprayberry. Kaitlyn auditions in secret and then tells her friend once she gets the part of "Mary"...

  • Amy Truth or Dare
    167 15 6

    In which teenagers Lucas, Zachary, Shane, Kevin, Ash, Ava, Amy, and Lily are all playing a bunch of party games to see the results. *&*&*&* For all the readers, you may request ships, games, dares and other assorted pieces in the comments, please explain them if they aren't entirely clear. Unicorn does read the commen...

  • Song Translations &Parodies
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    Just some rewritten lyrics of songs for different themes.