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  • Just Thinking.
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    {Editing}This is for the skyrim contest being held by @memes_love_poptarts

  • Better Than The Night Mother
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    Before the Night Mother came, Astrid was the most important thing to me. Now, the Night Mother is not only here, but she has chosen me as her Listener. Now, everyone expects me to push Astrid onto the back burner, even Astrid herself, but... What if I don't think the Night Mother is more important? What if no matter w...

  • Skyrim x Reader | Requests
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    This is a Skyrim x Reader book, just like the title suggests. Open for requests! Characters I've done so far: • Brand-Shei • Brynjolf • Veezara {I do not own Skyrim or it's characters. It all belongs to Bethesda and other respective owners.} Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Published: 19/07-2016 On Hold: 13/3-2017...