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  • Bad For You
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    "You don't want to get involved with me, Sophia; I'm bad for you" Niall smirked, taking another puff of his drag. "I don't care. I want you, Niall" Sophia whispered in his ear, pulling on the back of his neck, connecting their lips. Niall pulled away, looking down at the once innocent little rich girl, sighing heavily...

  • One Direction's Keeper
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    (my sister's keeper) Most 16 year olds tend to think of 3 things: 1) the opposite sex 2) alcohol and parties 3) how they're going to try and not muck up their lives. But not Rachel Smith. She didn't have time to worry about all those things because she was too busy learning how to cope with a brain tumour. A brain tu...

  • I Wish (Niall Horan)
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    The story of NIall Horan and his best friend Sophia.