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  • The President's Daughter
    47.7M 1.3M 59

    "Watch where you’re going nerd!" Someone said knocking me down, while sending my books flying. I let out a sigh as I crouched down, collecting my books from the floor. Once I got up I saw the person who called me nerd a few seconds ago was standing in front of me wearing a smug expression. "What's wrong nerd? Cat got...

  • Exotica
    228K 12.4K 98

    Broken and fractured, No longer being a whole. Burned by the light that shined down on her body every night, Hearing the chants of men until she found him. He brought silence to her violence, He was the light calling out to her persona. But, what happens when that light no longer shines as bright? 1/11/17 - 7/24/18 C...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hiraeth: The Rise of Sol (Book One)
    1.1K 196 6

    The S.O.L. Project was initially hailed as the scientific gemstone of the 22nd century; a haven where any research that could potentially save humanity from the 4th major ice age was allowed. However, due to the ever-increasing pressure to deliver results, restrictions on the research conducted at S.O.L. eventuall...

  • Krepta
    62 1 4

    When a creature of a disappearing race teams up with a boy that has dreams to be a knight what adventures could await them

  • What You Wish Would Happen
    492 1 4

    A BTS fan fiction

  • Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
    15.2M 500K 42

    As the only daughter to one of the most powerful Mafia families, Shay has sought to figure out her own path despite the overbearing pressures from her Family. After a family dispute leads to Shay and her mother to go into hiding, Shay attends Elite academy--her own perfect Hell. With an incredibly awful (or ingenious)...