stormchild's Reading List

  • Mr. Popular and I
    82.9M 1.2M

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly tru...

  • Worst Story on Wattpad
    1.5M 77.1K

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to...

  • Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me
    4.1M 35.5K

    Piper Smithson and Liam Nelson were best friends. That was when they were seven and eight years old. Since moving away from small town Lewisburg , Tennessee...

  • Being the Bad Boy's Victim
    15.3M 284K

    He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my...

    Completed   Mature
  • He was cool...
    10.1M 93.5K

    As much as it pains her to admit it.... He was cool.

  • Baggage
    83.8K 2.4K

    After a one night stand, Violet Weaver doesn't think much of it. She's never going to see the guy again, so why should she care? Well, she is wrong. When she a...

  • Bad Boy Isn't My Type...
    44.4M 846K

    "The good girl always falls for the bad boy," he sneered and I smirked. "Well, you're in luck because I'm not a good girl," I retorted, causing a small smile t...

  • The Girl and The Shark; Response
    784 54

  • Once Upon a Taxi (ON HOLD)
    6.9M 83.2K

    A Taxi. A New Job. A Forgotten Enemy. That’s how it started—or re-started to be exact. Valerie Summers, a twenty-two year old full of secrets, ju...

  • Flight 21
    4M 44.8K

    Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal...