stormchild's Reading List

  • Mr. Popular and I
    87.1M 1.3M

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly tru...

  • Worst Story on Wattpad
    1.8M 95.9K

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to...

  • Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me
    4.2M 37.4K

    Piper Smithson and Liam Nelson were best friends. That was when they were seven and eight years old. Since moving away from small town Lewisburg , Tennessee...

  • Being the Bad Boy's Victim
    15.7M 291K

    He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my...

    Completed   Mature
  • He was cool...
    10.2M 99.2K

    As much as it pains her to admit it.... He was cool.

  • Baggage
    88.1K 2.5K

    After a one night stand, Violet Weaver doesn't think much of it. She's never going to see the guy again, so why should she care? Well, she is wrong. When she a...

  • Bad Boy Isn't My Type...
    47M 922K

    "The good girl always falls for the bad boy," he sneered and I smirked. "Well, you're in luck because I'm not a good girl," I retorted, causing a small smile t...

  • The Girl and The Shark; Response
    789 54

  • Once Upon a Taxi (ON HOLD)
    6.9M 83.9K

    A Taxi. A New Job. A Forgotten Enemy. That’s how it started—or re-started to be exact. Valerie Summers, a twenty-two year old full of secrets, ju...

  • Flight 21
    4.1M 45.7K

    Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal...

  • Southern Belle
    702K 12.4K

    Belle Wilkes is miserable living in her small town in the south. Unlike her family and friends, she actually wants to make something out of her self, and she i...

  • Waist-Deep In Walmart
    9.5M 201K

    "As I sat on the toilet, I realized how badass I was being. First of all, I (kind of) broke into Walmart; Second, I was (kind of) plotting to steal toilet pape...

  • Finding Love in a Coffee Shop
    7.9M 202K

    Katie Holmes is a caffiene addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is f...

  • Gold Rush [Now Published by Random House!]
    3.9M 89.8K

    Gold is an extremely popular boyband consisting of three gorgeous young men; Rian, Luke, and Noah. When they choose to attend the private academy Oakwood, most...

  • 1-800-Cinderella
    1.6M 40.2K

    Cindy works part time at a hotline. Her front name being Cinderella. When Cindy gets involved with a guy through a hotline, he starts to call her all the time...

  • How to Hack a Heart
    530K 6.6K

    *In major construction. Do not read unless you do not want to read the ending for a very long time until I get things figured out. Thanks!* I was just a hacke...

  • Thirteen Letters to Cupid
    1M 19.4K

  • I Am Reese
    2.5M 72K

    Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts t...

  • The Messed Up History of You and Me
    19.9K 386

    Meet Trey Kingston. He's a high school heart-throb with no idea why. Every guy wants to be his friend, every girl wants him to be more than a friend. Every gir...

  • The Bro Code
    16.3M 283K

    Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. B) Your bro specific...

  • My Wattpad Love
    42.4M 1.1M

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts postin...

  • The Cheerleader And The Cage Fighter.... Are Dance Partners?
    9.7M 127K

    Kaydie Smithson is that girl that everybody thinks is perfect, she's the cheerleader captain and comes from a wealthy family. Liam is a cage fighter who is see...

  • Broken Angel (On Hold)
    19K 630

    Angel is old. So very very old. Yet her face, her body, her health is in perfect condition. Angel is a Were-child, created to guard and protect the earth and...

  • Remember Me Love
    49K 1.8K

    Mae has Amnesia. After suffering a terrible loss, she wakes in a hospital three months later with no recollection of who she is and how she came to be. Despera...

  • Past Lovers
    1M 21.7K

    Three years ago, Chase Levine lost the everything. Three years ago, Chase Levine made the biggest mistake of his life. Three years ago, Chase and Hayden Levine...

  • Lessons On Love
    8.8M 118K

    “I’m going to get straight to the point. I want you to make me fall in love with you.” Camila Jones is fearless. She’s also uncontrollably fierce and overly a...

  • Sweet & Short
    991K 11.7K

    Short teen fiction romance stories.

  • Bite Me
    6.1M 118K

    Living with a hot boy is fine. Living with five hot boys is hard. Living with five hot brothers is tough. Being captured by five hot vampire brothers takes...

  • The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay
    2.8M 60K

    Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her...

  • Scottish Beauty
    4M 72.2K

    Known for their beauty, the Campbell sisters have many men vying for their hands, but as Lady Emma was the eldest, she was to become Laird of Castle Campbell...

    Completed   Mature