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  • The Blur ~*+Vikklan AU+*~
    44.2K 1.6K 21

    Lachlan Craft is a well known and feared assassin all around Minecraftia. Though, he is known as "The Blur" because, no one ever sees his face before and after an assassination takes place. No one, but but the target themselves... Well, that was the case. Until his face was seen by the most unlikely of people. Prince...

  • Poofless: Time Cant Keep Us Apart (Third Book!!)
    18.4K 1K 45

    OK guys so this is the newest book of the POOFLESS series! There are two others before this one called 'Poofless: The mob and the human' Is the first one and the second one is ' Poofless: Destiny Unfolds' Hope you all enjoy this one!!!! so excited Gummy Bears!!!!!

  • Building bridges [Vikklan]
    47.1K 2.2K 28

    Two teams. Sworn enemies, bound to forever fight. Red and Blue. When Vikk and Lachlan meet, they spare each other's lives, and spark something new. Can they survive in their broken world together? Will they come to terms with what they have, and abandon the battle? Or will they put it aside and fight to the death wi...

  • Flower Boy
    37.6K 2.3K 24

    "You know when you see someone in a relationship with someone else. And your heart physically hurts because shit, that person is an angel and they deserve someone who will treat them with respect and who will love them wholeheartedly. You're the angel, Rob. And God damn it, I love you." (Dedicated to TatoTheWolf)

  • Mountains [Vikklan]
    33.3K 1.8K 31

    This is a sequel to Building Bridges, which I highly recommend you read first (Link here: Vikk wakes up alone in a new world. All of his friends memories have been wiped. Can he work out what's happening to them before it's too late, and he loses Lachlan forever? *Contains frequ...

  • Vikklan - Give Him Back
    5.4K 220 6

    My first chaptered Vikklan fic! You guys seemed to really enjoy my one-shots, and I have had this sitting in my folder of unpublished fics for a while now, so here you go :)

  • Merome: Hate is a Strong Word
    41.1K 1.4K 20

    (((DISCONTINUED))) Mitchell Hughes is new in town. He has always had to move around an change schools, so he avoids making contact with anyone else. He is afraid to make friends because he knows he will have to leave them again. Will things change when he meets Jerome Aceti?

  • Headphones // Merome
    285K 11.9K 64

    Mitch doesn't take off his headphones. The little earbuds always understand him. Well, the lyrics playing through them. He sits back, struggling through senior year, alone as he likes it. But someone doesn't want him to be alone. Someone is tired of watching Mitch get beat up by life. That someone will find a way to t...

  • hello | poofless
    75.4K 4.4K 40

    a story in which two boys fall in love through text messages. completed | ✔️

  • Love Without Reason {Vikklan AU}
    9.6K 494 10

    Vikk had been a victim of torture his whole life. He was ready to give up everything. That is, until a certain blonde man came into his life... ~This is my entry for the coffeeshop AU~ *Warning, there are certain topics, such as abuse and suicide, that may make you feel uncomfortable. Please proceed with caution. Than...

  • Nobody Gives a Damn - Merome
    238K 6.1K 38

    I was always that kid you'd see at the back of the classroom, hidden away from all of the threats that lurked behind their desks. Nobody gave a damn about me; they didn't bother questioning the bruises that painted my body, the occassional busted lip or black eye. Not until......he came along.

  • Poofless: Destiny Unfolds
    10.3K 451 18

    Ok so just in case you guys get confused this is the second book of a sequel in a Poofless series, most likely a trilogy but I might drag it on a bit longer...Maybe.. If you would like to read this book fist you must read the first one in order to read this one..The first one is called Poofless: The Mob And The Human

  • No Second Chances
    7.7K 474 24

    Ok so this is the second book of a series. The first one is called 'The Pack: How It All Began' if you want to go and check it out if you're interested. Alright Gummy Bears? I feel like I have made you guys wait long enough for the second book. So here it is! Enjoy my Gummy Bears! Sincerely, MisfortunateMC <3

  • Letters to Nobody ~*Poofless AU*~
    22.7K 1.4K 38

    Preston B. Arsement is insane. Or, everyone says so at least... He is a firm believer that he isn't human. That he was sent here from a distant planet to warn the people of Earth of impending danger. What does he do all day you ask? Write letters. Write letters to absolutely no one to be precise. But what happens wh...

  • Life Line (Poofless)
    8.2K 496 9

    "Are you okay Preston?" "I'm fine." Preston can't take it anymore. Stress, pressure, anxiety, and depression. He is about to snap, others being clueless. What happens if he is about to end it all, but his Life Line comes to the rescue?

  • goodbye | poofless
    24.6K 1.9K 41

    "is this the end? is this goodbye?" preston stuttered out, tears filling his eyes. "no." rob smiled, "don't think of this as a goodbye. think of it as a see you later." [SEQUEL TO THE BAD ENDING IN "HELLO!", I WOULD RECOMMEND READING THAT FIC FIRST.] completed...

  • Secrets and Lies. (Vikklan)
    80.4K 3.1K 60

    Everyone thinks they know Lachlan. Everyone thinks he's a tall, happy go lucky Australian. That couldn't be farther from the truth. When Vikk leaves without an explanation, he spirals into a world of sadness and depression. The rest of the Pack have no clue what's wrong. All Lachlan wants is Vikk. All Vikk wants is La...

  • Poofless: The Mob And The Human
    24.5K 854 20

    It is a book about Preston who is a lava mob and a boy named Rob who meet each other and they aren't supposed to. It is forbidden but will that stop them? Will the war rage to the point where they come to an end? The Mob And The Human will rise or fall.... We will see....

  • Colours // Poofless AU
    29.5K 1.9K 30

    The world is black and white in many eyes. No one knows what it is like to see colour. After many years, people start to see colour. They are pushed away, though. They get tested on by scientists and bullied by students. Preston has opened up a new category. The Grays, they are called. Will he be able to help the wor...

  • How It All Began: The Pack
    41.8K 1.5K 48

    This is a story of the pack and how it all began so I was thinking is it smart to make every person of the pack a P.O.V. per chapter?  I'm not sure but it would be great if you guys gave me some advice you are my shady potatoes after all! Also are you guys okay with how I space out the writing because sometimes o...

  • Swing [Vikklan]
    25K 1.2K 8

    Vikk and Lachlan were different best friends. Vikk was depressed and suicidal. Lachlan was bubbly and happy. But Vikk has been keeping a secret from Lachlan. All Vikk wanted to do was swing.