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  • Hale Wolves (Teen Wolf)
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    Tara Hale is a teenager, but she has a secret. She's from a line of natural born werewolves. Derek and Laura Hale are her sister and brother, and Laura has been taking care of her since the Hale fire. She came back to Beacon Hills with her, but she wasn't with her when she had died, and now she has to stay with her br...

  • Beta Sister (Book Two of Hale Wolves series for Teen Wolf :))
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    "Would you just trust me on this?" I gave him a look. both of us knowing I didn't trust easily, not even my own brother. I had been with my sister for the last six years, Laura, before she had died. I was used to being with an Alpha sibling, just not an Alpha brother. I was forever a Beta sister. Tara Hale is Derek's...