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  • Love, Pain & Everything in Between
    3.5K 252 26

    Eleanor and Louis were certain that they were made for each other. And they were. They were each other's sanctuary, each other's haven. But being each other's comfort can sometimes be pretty tiring. Especially when there are still a lot of unsaid words and feelings that are kept in between.

  • The Mixtape
    16.1K 494 1

    On Louis' birthday, his friends don't know what to get him. But maybe Eleanor has an idea.

  • Bleeding Love
    3K 130 17

    A sad, beautiful tragic, love story

  • Feels Like Heaven // elounor
    175 6 1

    Louis is an angel that's too innocent for his own good. He's mated by a devil one day and he realises that not all devils are bad. Copyright © 2016 pastelwaterfalls

  • Best Mistake || elounor
    1.8K 58 2

    Eleanor fucked up. And she fucked up big time. Copyright © 2015 nerdylou + youshouldbeproud

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfection. an Elounor one shot.
    730 12 1

    Just a small one shot that popped into my head when I was int the shower. ENJOY<3

  • Elounor One Shots
    35.7K 327 7

    A collection of Elounor one shots :) Mostly fluff, may contain smut, depending on requests. If you want to request a one shot, shoot me a message in my inbox! xx

  • happy birthday Louis | elounor one shot
    236 13 1

    "I'm simply curious to here your explanation to why you are dating a girl nearly identical to me, except that I'm prettier of course," little birthday/christmas/makeup elounor one shot :)

  • Fallen
    10.6K 413 15

    Eleanor Calder does not have a happy life story, living with her abusive boyfriend. But when Louis Tomlinson, of one of London’s worst gangs in history, comes into her life, everything changes. (Short story - Escaped Universe - Prequel)

  • Everything You Do Is Magic
    665 46 3

    Magic is a dangerous thing. Especially when it has a chance to consume your being until you aren't even you anymore. Love is a scary thing. Love that is magical doesn't really exist. But love and magic together... Can it ever happen? Apparently not when consumption is so close...

  • Break-Ups
    593 16 1

    Elounor • od • completed • Harry was Louis' best friend, and band mate, but he hating having to step in and stop his arguments with Eleanor all the time. They were together for a couple years, before deciding it was time for a break. Three years later, they both want to be together, but who says that? No one. Because...

  • Fame (oneshot contest entry)
    204 12 1

    He remembers everything like it was yesterday, and how much he misses the brunette without a single doubt. And that there will always be a special place for her in his heart, no matter what. [ entry for MoaningLouis's oneshot contest ]

  • Daylight (One Direction Songfic)
    281 7 1

    It was an accident, a mistake, a miscalculation, but in the end, he knows he wouldn't regret it. Disclaimer: One Direction is obviously not mine. "Daylight" Co-written by frontman Adam Levine and Swedish hitmaker Max Martin. Performed by Maroon 5 from their "Overexposed" album.

  • Darling, This Is Paris
    58.1K 1.3K 1

    "Darling, this is Paris. If you don't find love here, you won't find love anywhere."

  • 50 Shades of Calderic
    18.6K 255 3

    When Eleanor Calder interviews superstar Louis Tomlinson, she is enchanted by his good looks and charming smile. However, Louis is hiding a secret and the innocent Eleanor gets caught up in a situation she doesn't know she can handle or really even wants to get out of.

  • Remember Me
    2.6K 48 4

    He meets the girls of his dreams. She's beautiful, charming, sweet and more than he could ever ask for. But something's wrong. Horribly wrong. And it will change his life forever. *Previously called 'I Want You To Stay'.

  • Twelve Days of Christmas
    16.3K 616 13

    [COMPLETED] MUTLI-FANDOM AU Justin is currently dating his room mate's sister, Selena. Selena's brother, Zayn, happens to be with Perrie, who once dated Louis. Louis's now with Eleanor, whose childhood friend is Harry. Harry is sleeping with Leigh-Anne, who is married and best friends with Jesy. Jesy is best friends w...

  • LOST (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)
    3.5K 151 22

    Somewhere between the world of dreams and reality. A girl finds herself in the middle of it all. She wakes up without knowing anything about herself. She discovers that she's a ghost. Why was she sent back to the world of the living and not into the light of the afterlife? Journey with Heidi as she finds her true self...

  • e.c & l.t || short story
    420 15 1

    "It's been awhile since I've seen you, Louis."

  • Little Red Dreams
    151 10 1

    Louis Tomlinson falls asleep on the tour bus and finds himself in a mysterious world in the woods where he encounters a black wolf, his girlfriend Eleanor, and a small cabin with a wooden heart.

  • FLIPPED: a One Direction horror fanfic
    75.3K 1.3K 12

    It's been 3 years since the pop journey began. In celebrating the end of One Direction's second world tour, Eleanor rounds up the girls and guys to go out to her family lakehouse for the weekend. Out far from the city chaos where there is no security, Eleanor's perfect idea might not be just that.. As mysterious sound...

  • Everlasting: a One Direction/Eleanor Calder fanfic
    14.5K 311 15

    One Direction have reached every goal they've ever dreamt of, and more. Their everyday life is now packed full of concerts, interviews, videos, and most of all: rumors. A point must be reached when they ask themselves if it's all really worth it anymore. With the boys at the start of their next world tour and alrea...

  • HOSPITAL BEDS • Elounor •
    12.1K 898 40

    "Healing can be a long road. Do you want to walk it with me?"

  • A Late November Evening (An Elounor One Shot)
    7.4K 389 5

    On a late November evening, amidst chilly winds, met Eleanor and Louis, again. Love failed the first time they tried and is this fate, now, bringing them close together? Or mere coincidence? Trailer by @elizaren_ <--- she's wonderful :) A/N: It's pretty slow and cliche! And has emotions amplified :) Cover by @Scyrenne