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  • Strike | Xiuchen
    63.3K 4.1K 23

    Word Count: 27,509 Chen loves baseball, but he's never actually played it until this year. Chen is a typical nerd with glasses and asthma. On the baseball team, he meets Xiumin, who's a king at baseball, but also a huge jerk. Disclaimer: I'm sure Chen's brother is actually a really good guy. I just made him an asshol...

  • uncontrollably fond | xiuchen
    20.8K 1.1K 10

    minseok and jongdae are best friends that have known each other since high school. however they weren't just any pair. minseok who's preference is different from the norm, always had the support of his best friend by his side. however, after entering the same field of work and worked together aiming for success, jong...

  • Yes Mr. Kim (XiuChen)
    32.1K 1.5K 11

    Kim Jongdae is a new student at SM academy and he has caught the eye of the sexy English teacher Kim Minseok who is also the soccer coach. After Jongdae notices what kind of man Minseok is, they both search for a way to make their relationship work. (Written with @Sexy_Baekfast_Food)

  • We Aren't Friends (Xiuchen High School AU)
    11.6K 665 9

    Ever since Xiumin's separation from Luhan, he's cut himself off from everyone in the EXO dorm. He really did try, but with Baekhyun and Chanyeol's relationship in full swing and constant flirting, making out, and... other things audible from just next door, it's proven to be a challenge. That is, until Kim Jongdae - a...

    Completed   Mature
  • jongdae's list ; [xiuchen]
    41.4K 2.8K 17

    COMPLETED 》"in which minseok finds a piece of paper that contains a list of to do things." Copyright © 2017 by: xiuminsk || cover made by my dearest Kam [@BOTTOMJONGIN] ( ' ▽ ' )

  • The boy on the bus (Xiuchen)
    5.6K 416 1

    Kim Minseok is a normal 22 years old student. He always ride on the bus on the exact same time according to his schedule. But what if 1 day, he noticed a boy who keeps looking at him. For 1 month straight.

  • Help me [ A Xiuchen ff]
    44K 2.4K 28

    Xiumin and Chen are boys who are trying to find themselves. In doing so they are going to need help from each other. They will cross pathways along the way. Both boys are going to start feeling thing they don't have experience in. Will friendships be form or will they be more than friends? Can Chen save Xium...

  • The Truth About Love (Xiuchen ff)
    12.3K 653 30

    Xiuchen fanfic one long story for the beautiful OTP's hope you like it. this is my first time writing one.

  • XiuChen is Real
    81.8K 3.8K 15


  • LOVE [xiuchen]
    29.8K 1.2K 11

    ---in which Jongdae doesn't believe in love, until Minseok came along. Will he fall for Minseok? Will he finally believe in LOVE? or will he still believe that love doesn't exist? a/n: Minseok is the maaaan! or should i say top?... nah! ---just another cliché story My First fanfiction, so please do not judge me hi...