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  • Butterfly Jars ✓
    549K 25.6K 45

    The first words people utter tells a lot about that person. 2016 © beautlies

  • The Mates Pull
    9.5M 315K 49

    Harper is a shy and timid girl who is the constant target for the school bullies. But when her family relocates to the other side of town things begin to look up for Harper. Now with close friends, Harper embarks on her last year of high school, but when she attends one party everything changes. Can it be love at fi...

  • Hired To Love
    18.7M 742K 67

    Henley agrees to pretend to date billionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • turnpike | ✓
    891K 46.4K 19

    this is not a love story. this is a ruination. © 2016 simonesaidwhat

  • Something She Was ✓
    1.3M 61.6K 40

    Even if Amelia Jameson is seemingly immune to the idea of love, she's not immune to feelings. And maybe, maybe, someone can make her feel again.

  • How to Be a Girl
    598K 28.7K 35

    After learning the hard way that being "one of the guys" has its disadvantages (such as having your crush laugh at you in the face after you confess), Jordan enlists the help of her two best friends to teach how to be what she isn't--how to be a girl. [WATTYS 2018 Winner: The Contemporaries]

  • Then You Are Gone
    489K 51.6K 65

    ❝It's so amazing what a person can do just by leaving.❞ PARIS KESSLER texts Hannah Rod, drunk, mistaking her as his ex-girlfriend, and gets roasted after refusing to believe he's texting a wrong number. Annoyed the next day, he refuses to stop bothering her. The two continue texting, their cold conversation slowly tur...

  • Jake the Panty-Ripper (Book 1, the Phantoms MC Series)
    28.1M 993K 53

    Maya, an innocent nurse, finds herself forced to accept protection from the Phantoms MC, specifically the dangerous, irresistible biker, Jake Ford. ***** Maya, a kind nurse, has a normal life and a normal boyfriend, Sebastian. But one day she drops...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kissing Is the Easy Part
    25.9M 985K 74

    {a Wattpad featured story} Flora is afraid being beautiful is her only talent. Some of the words she hates include economy class, second-hand clothes, and budget. She likes fashion, dating, not being on time and getting what she wants - until she meets Sean, who is like the clock striking midnight; he makes all her...

  • Cupidity
    979K 65.4K 28

    Cupid's pointed arrow struck Orion, will Orion strike the arrow back at Cupid? Orion was struck by the all-too-famous pointy golden arrow, shot by Cupid himself. But, the arrow wasn't shot to pair her with her fated one. The arrow was shot at her so she could be the next matchmaker. She's stuck...

  • High School Hit List (CLIQUE BAIT 2020)
    16.3M 843K 59

    Payment is usually a part of a basic transaction. You give and then you take. But, at Arlington Preparatory, people take at their leisure. They take their entertainment in the form of humiliation. They get what they want at the expense of their pawns. But they never pay. Chloe Whittaker has a hit list. But not exact...

  • Project Aphrodite ✓
    623K 26.3K 16

    When Clarissa Arevalo's boyfriend two times and dumps her for another girl, she goes to female-expert Sebastian Ashford, asking him to help aid her to have a makeover to completely transform her into a different, more attractive person.

  • A Wedding Gone Wrong
    707K 983 1

    ☆Life isn't a fairytale, if you lose your shoe at midnight; chances are you're going to walk home barefoot☆ Chloe never believed in love, her mother and her sister put way too much faith in the concept anyway. Then her old neighbours returned to their old house. Their eldest son, Nate was getting married, who was coin...

  • The Lonely King | Ongoing [New Edition]
    22.2M 634K 39

    "Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive." When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious boarding school in Europe, she didn't have to think twice before accepting it. It doesn't take long for her schoolmates to notice that she is different from them...

  • i n c o n s o l a b l e
    83.8K 7K 59

    In which two individuals learn to cope with their inner demons. Elise:// a naive, 18 year old girl who deals with her own fierceness to fix herself, by herself. Elliot:// a strong-minded 18 year old boy who finds himself lost in the struggle between his own beliefs and desires, and his father's. Apart, they are two...

  • Haven
    7.7M 264K 32

    Aspiring writer Norah Jacobs needs an escape. In the span of two weeks, her corrupt brother has been jailed for murder and his partner has been hovering on her doorstep, threatening to ruin what little peace she has left. Packing her car, Norah flees the city and goes off the grid, finding refuge in the small coastal...

  • Chance Encounters
    3.3M 155K 33

    Seventeen-year-old Reed had never believed in the concept of destiny and love, so when her best friend dragged her in a search for their "soulmates" one Saturday night, Reed knew it wasn't going to end well. She couldn't have been more right, seeing as: a.) Her best friend, convinced she had found her soulmate, disap...

  • Sadie, Someday...
    403K 16.4K 31

    She just needed to pause, find a button to stop the voices in her head. Sadie Monroe realized long ago that she was far from perfect. If the voices in her head weren't enough, the taunting from school reminded her of that fact. Day by day, she searches for something to keep her here, something to keep her from floati...

  • Rosy Cheeks
    465K 43.1K 44

    one was shy, the other was sad, together they were the two who loved art, both with rosy cheeks and caring hearts. [highest ranking]: #4 in short story 6.24.15 book one of the "nameless" series

  • Illusions
    43.9K 2.2K 1

    ❝The most rebellious people in society are the dreamers; for their minds are capable of creating incredibly beautiful and impossible concoctions. And those single thoughts alone have the ability to reconstruct anything.❞ Alice is nearing graduation and the stress is pushing her to breaking point. So, in a spontaneous...

  • Catching Lola Rivers ✔️
    4.1K 562 11

    In which a good girl falls for the bad boy, and they both know it's cliche [s h r i n k i n g v i o l e t _ 2 0 1 5] [Completed]

  • laundry love [completed]
    161K 13.3K 104

    l a u n d r y : /ˈlɔːndri/ noun / the act of masturbation and/or having sex. [urban dictionary] little snippets of conversation between adrian macintyre: a spoiled boy who doesn't know the difference between detergent and bleach; and ira dewan: a free spirited girl who is a little too obsessed with matching socks to...

  • Mint Choco Chip
    253K 22.9K 45

    Book 2 (Can be read as a standalone) ❝ He was the mint to her choco chip.❞ She was in love with life, and he was in love with her. #15 in short story. Cover by xFakingaSmilex

  • unbridled [completed]
    7.4K 646 32

    u n b r i d l e d : ʌnˈbrʌɪd(ə)ld/ adjective uncontrolled ; unrestrained [ lowercase intended I completed I short story I thriller ] ©smokestung

  • The Heartbroken Heartbreaker | PUBLISHED
    43.7M 1.2M 48

    "I'm not saying I'm attracted to you or anything," I suddenly blurted out, unable to keep myself from blushing. "Just that you are attractive. To others, I mean. You know, in general. Not, like, to me. So, I'm, um, not attracted to you." "Evans," he said, looking like he was trying not to smile, "I never said you were...

  • Don't be Shy ✓
    883K 45K 22

    --warning: cuteness overload-- SIDE STORY TO THOSE COLD EYES. Sebastian is shyer than shy, but after meeting Dylan and Tyra he's starting to crawl out if his little shell. So when Kaiden gives him his phone number, Seb gives his in return. From that moment on a new world opens up to the cute teenager. Kaiden sends mes...

  • Someone Else's Fairytale
    4.6M 103K 60

    Hollywood A-lister, Jason Vanderholt, falls for everygirl, Chloe Winters, who hasn't bothered to see most of his movies. She is the woman every other woman in America is dying to be, but it just isn't her fairytale. The book is for sale here:

  • Silently Spoken
    27.9K 2.1K 10

    "To live is to be haunted"

  • Love Me Not
    62.7K 4.4K 24

    School yard love that ends when the bells ring.

  • Horny
    548K 5.2K 20

    All the things I want to do with you.