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  • Love Paradise (Sonic Roleplay
    5.6K 109 36

    Welcome to Love Paradise, I hope you enjoy your stay with your honeybee

  • Sonic Horror RP
    38 4 1

    Inspired from the games that ManlyBadassHero played

  • Dear Heart Academy Yaoi Role Play
    520 7 5

    In this all boys academy, the uniforms are separated by position; the skirts for the ukes and the pants for the semes. Each personality has a different colour, for the ukes the red is for the happy-go-lucky, purple is for the cute and shy and the yellow is for the aggressive or dominating kind. With the semes; red rep...

  • My Boss /Sonic RP/
    39 2 1

    As a young adult, Your boss invited you over to his house, not to mention, you where the best co worker , he invited you over for dinner, only you nobody else but you. What would you do? ;)

    5.2K 61 11

    Alright guys here it is my first RP book. All relationship types are accepted and I am also accepting requests. Just be sure to fill out info page first before you start.

  • Sonic / Fancy Party Role play.
    50 4 1

    Sonic had made a fancy party Put on something fancy Cuz your invited :) ~ Shady

  • Sonic ScenarioRolePlay
    491 17 9

    Hello Shady here :) So I made another, better RP book ;) Enjoy -Shady

  • Tmnt Rp
    5.2K 108 5

    Wassup dudes n' dudettes! My name is D.J.FoxyDash and welcome to my ninja turtle rp! Now in this rp, the boys are humans like shown on the cover. They can still turn to turtles when wanted or needed just so you know. I got the idea of making this rp thanks to @MarvelTmntGirl and the awesome books she wrote, so be sure...

  • RP Book
    7.6K 167 32

    Just RP I guess anyone can join no matter what time period or how deep it gets.

  • sonic ⎟⎟ rp book[discontinued]
    10.9K 284 20

    What the title says :3 ⇧ I made the ugly ass cover but don't own Amy or Sonic, thoses go to the amazing artist

  • Individual rp
    1.6K 23 8