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  • Trust {Sans x Reader}
    109K 3.6K 19

    You woke up and tried to gaze around the darkened room, your vision was blurry. It was just a bad dream, you thought. Your eyes adjusted and you realized it was far from it... {Completed} Thanks so much for 300+ votes & 10k+ reads, holy heck.

  • My One and Bonely (Sans x Reader)
    772K 24.3K 57

    My first story. It's a sans x reader fic, so don't judge too harshly. Also I have some bad pacing issues, but I hope yall will ignore them. Anyways on with the summary! You see monsters everywhere. All of theme unique and friendly. You ask "how could anyone hate them?" When you save one of them, you're life takes a dr...

  • Saving Them (an Undertale fanfiction)
    7.6K 58 27

    The barrier is broken, monsters and humans are living in peace, everyone is happy except for one person. Frisk has been getting waking nightmares about not saving Asriel. They want to save him to erase all guilt and to be with their friend. But Asriel isn't the only one that needs to be saved. Something, someone lurks...

  • Reset {UNDERTALE}
    72.2K 4K 19

    *FEATURED STORY* As Judge for King Asgore Dreemurr, Sans has seen a lot of strange stuff. But when he wakes up with the feeling that something is completely wrong, he decides it's time to investigate with the only monster who could know what was happening: Royal Scientist W.D. Gaster.

  • Charisk The Difference between us
    992 58 13

    This story will take place in the underground and eventually be leading out into the open world when monsters have been freed. There will be some twists in the plot if I can get to that point in this fanfiction. Also frisk and Chara are both girl in case anyone was wondering. I own none of the art due to a fatal flaw...

  • Hybrids are Bonely
    191 11 3

    There's one person who found grief after Asgore took their mother's human soul. This person's father blamed it on them. He was a monster. He abandoned her. He said he would kill her if she came around him. So this girl used a device of the great royal scientist, W.D Gaster, and traveled to another timeline. This one f...

  • Wrongtale
    25.1K 1.5K 17

    THIS STORE IS DISCONTINUED DON'T READ THIS IT'S EMBARRASSING It was done. You've freed the monsters from the underground without killing a single on of your friends. The monsters have been brought into society with open arms. Everything was going great. And that's when the unexpected happens. You wake up in a pile of...

  • Lost in the dark (Charisk)
    8.9K 262 8

    ~DISCONTINUED~ Chara was a lonely girl, sent to an orphanage when she was 17 due to her parents tragic passing. Bullied for her looks and anger issues, Chara decides to end it all, but before she can realize, she's followed by another, Frisk. Trapped in the world of UNDERTALE, the two girls must find a way out of the...

  • Undertale: Possession
    8.2K 263 16

    Frisk is happy that she's with all her friends she made in the underground. But something's up. Flowey had ran away when Frisk had defeated him. They think he wants revenge, but they're not for sure. Then things start going on with Sans. What's going on? Can they find out what's going on? Just read to find out! I writ...

  • Don't let go: Undertale and Underfell
    1.4K 65 10

    It starts out with hearing from Underfell Sans again after several months. A tragic news came from Undertale Undyne: Frisk's death. Is there a way to bring her back? Can they save Frisk? What will UF Sans do? Will UT Sans get out of his depression? Just read to find out! :)

  • Failed Experiment
    35.5K 1.6K 12

    Sans x Frisk the last experiment no 2398 failed.. they create a monster but... is that he the true monster or somebody else?

  • Determination ~Sequel to Mercy and Murder~ .:Charisk Fanfiction:.
    1.5K 40 2

    (It was the hassleiest of hassles to get that cover art done. Your welcome) A long time ago, a young girl had forgotten what it was like to feel love, and could only feel what was called LV. A long time ago, a young boy was able to help this girl feel love again. And a long time ago, the young girl and boy stood side...

  • Mercy and Murder (Charisk Fanfiction)
    15.8K 273 8

    Let's face it, you guys saw this coming. You knew I'd have to write a book dedicated solely to my OTP eventually XD. This is mainly about a developing relationship between Chara and Frisk after Frisk falls into the underground and has defeated Omega Flowey with the help of his friends the 6 SOULS. Except this timelin...

  • Dreams and reality [Charisk/Frisk x Chara]
    1.1K 36 1

    Frisk meets a new 'person' in a dream, they only know one thing about them, their name; 'Chara'

  • My Brothers, The Skeletons (BEING REWRITTEN)
    27K 909 29

    Currently in process for a rewrite! The original work will be gone soon so make sure to read it while it last! My oldest brother, Sans often told me the stories of when I was young. Most being about the fun we had, the friends I made, and what he was most proud of me for. He only spoke of the good times, and only...

  • Unknown feelings
    76.1K 1.7K 64

    Undertale romance fanfic AsrielxFrisk(female) After Nilu (Frisk) manages to save Asriel at the end of the Pacifist route, they make a promise. That no matter how long it will take for Asriel to reincarnate she will wait. Seven years pass and Nilu finally reunites with Asriel. After his reincarnation Asriel and Nilu...

  • Asreil x reader one shots❤️
    277 14 1

    ...l self explanatory title. It's a one shot story book... About asriel and the reader.... The date... And... Yeah.

  • The White Demon (Chara X Reader Undertale) |EDITING|
    418K 9.3K 72

    | Last Updated/Edited: 3/19/19 | | Last Chapter Posted: 2 years ago | | Reason: Work and health issues | - Monsters are free, but you feel that they are hiding something. What happened to the first human, "Chara"? Curiously, you journey to Mt. Ebott, only to encounter something you never thought you'd see. Or someone:...

  • A Feeling {DISCONTINUED}
    12.3K 343 12

    You were an orphan, and you had just been taken away from your parents or what's left of them, after that fire that burned down your house you lost three things your parents, your home, and your speech, now you have to learn to live at an orphanage and be a demon child's punching bag and 'friend'.

  • Unexpected~ Chara X Frisk
    609 9 7

    I'm not that hero... I'm not that evil... I'm not that good... I'm not that bad... If I take off my mask. Your bound to go back eyes fearing mine. Your bound to stay and laugh at what I am ...Or... Could you possible...Will you? ... See who I really am inside? ____________________________________ The world's full of...

  • I'm Not That Evil [OLD]
    1K 36 3


  • Burning Passion (Undertale: Frisk x Chara) (On hold)
    17.3K 514 15

    Chara: There's just this thing about Frisk, she's badass in her own way... The girl that every girl or boy wants... But why do I want her more than others? Is it because she's protective? How she walks? How her hair blows in the wind? How she never gives up? How she's friends with everyone? I never got that because I...

  • Underfell
    10.4K 438 9

    Hope ya guys like it! :)

  • The Confession
    376K 12K 167

    [Highest Rank: #369 in Fan Fiction, 2017-05-14] In a world filled with evil, this is my contribution to give life a little more love and happiness. The story begins right as Frisk escapes the Underground, freshly completing a True Pacifist run, and decides one last 'Chara'cter needs to be saved. Frisk didn't expect t...

  • Undertale : Stuck In Another Time
    6.2K 449 9

    Chara has the scary ability to jump into savefiles and corrupt them by taking over the fallen child and making them do a 'Genocide Run' When Chara comes across a continuing timeline that has reached the surface but has not yet been reset under the name of 'Frisk', curiosity takes over and they leap into this save file...

  • Undertale- Reset
    75.1K 3.3K 24

    *The cover is by ladypixelheart on Tumblr! All I did was add some filters and text. "Promise me one thing- just one thing only." Frisk nodded vigorously. "No one can know about this whole reset thing. Not Papyrus, not Asgore, not anyone. It would basically bring this world to the point of falling to pieces at our feet...

  • Determined Love (Charisk)
    142K 3.5K 32

    My first fan-fic about Charisk! I hope you enjoy. ~Little side note- The book cover does not belong to me, but rather hamvitita on DeviantArt. (I added the words with the Cover's app though.)

  • Frisk X Chara
    21.3K 651 18

    I know Frisk and Chara are gender neutral but I like them as a pair. I also like Asreil x either of them but this would be cute too. I hope you like!