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  • Sex Metal Barbie // lashton
    59.3K 2.7K 39

    Dark rumors are just that - rumors, but Ashton's ruined image isn't a problem to Luke because even if other's can't see past article headlines, he can.

    Completed   Mature
  • kept ; muke
    40.2K 1.9K 31

    sequel to 'keep me in mind'

  • keep me in mind ; muke
    65.7K 3.3K 24

    muke fan fiction. - basically michael becomes popular, starts forgetting luke, stuff happens. im not good at descriptions.

  • I Wish You Liked Boys // cashton
    33.7K 1.8K 16

    The flowers that grew inside of Calum's body were beautiful petals of gentle lilac and playful gold, but he couldn't breathe with them inside his lungs. There was two solutions: make his lover reciprocate his feelings or to cut the plants out of his body and forget about that person forever, and there was no way in he...

  • Dude, We're Just Broskies || Cashton ✔
    500K 14.8K 32

    In which Ashton and Calum kiss, cuddle and look at each other naked. No homo though. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be warned

  • The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔
    198K 8.4K 47

    In which four boys with very different personalities attend the same support group and somehow find their way into each others lives. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be warned

  • Scream Praises [Cashton mpreg]
    141K 5.7K 18

    There's a small ding and a burst of static on the overhead PA system at Walmart, and then, "Could the four teenage boys in the baby department please stop climbing in the cribs to "test them out?"" Or the one where Calum and Ashton are both assholes and then Ashton gets pregnant.

  • away | lrh ; afi
    17.4K 1K 46

    [SEQUEL TO FRIENDS] luke: you're always away luke: :( - in which ashton's always away due to his career and sometimes luke feels lonely and gets upset a little. © -irwincuddles

  • Shades of Blue | Muke
    53.2K 5.8K 18

    Michael's world was empty of color until he meets a boy with eyes so bright and vibrant. The only thing he could see was blue. [soulmate!au]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Affair || Muke/Mashton ✔
    57.2K 2.4K 33

    In which Michael and Ashton are in a relationship. Then Luke comes into the picture. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be warned

  • Dirty ♡ muke
    180K 8.7K 40

    "With such a dirty mouth there's no wonder I fell for you." top!Michael © wastedheartmuke, 2016 ; edited in 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Pick Me Up ⇝ Lashton ✓
    203K 15.4K 28

    In which, Ashton memorises pick up lines for Luke LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • what do we do now? [muke af]
    59.7K 7.1K 26

    It's hard to live a life with the other half gone. or Michael is prison and Luke has to live.

  • lost [muke af]
    404K 27.9K 35

    "because I have a L on my wrist, I think it's you."

  • start a fight [muke af]
    423K 34.2K 45

    prisoner!michael likes to pick on parole officer!luke

  • Smoke // muke
    33.9K 1.8K 12

    Michael smokes. Luke's allergic to smoke. // Everyone says that Michael and Luke don't have a healthy relationship, but it's just the way they want it.

  • Blue Scales || Muke ✓
    147K 12.5K 49

    Luke and Michael are soulmates but there's a few complications in their way. Luke lives in the ocean and has a tail while Michael lives on the coast of Australia and is terrified of open water.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Spirit | muke au
    402K 20.4K 28

    "Next!" The fortune teller calls. Michael smiled sheepishly at Ashton as he pulled back the curtain, walking in and taking his seat. They didn't believe in this crap; it was a dare. The fortune teller didn't look at her ball, or even Michael for that matter. She looked past his shoulder, her hands slightly shaking a...

  • Letters From Me // AFI fic
    828 85 25

    Get a glimpse of Ashton's life. Read all his journal entries and follow his story, and you won't stop reading until you find out what happens !

    Completed   Mature
  • Strawberries and Cigarettes // muke
    48K 2.6K 25

    Bad boys have more fun, they drink all your seven dollar milkshakes and don't text you back, but Luke and Michael might be having too much fun.

  • Cracked Ice || Muke || mpreg ✓
    50.6K 2.8K 22

    Both boys were close to getting the gold, whether it be getting drafted into the NHL or skating in 2016 Olympics in South Korea, but it's hard to keep moving forward when you're skating on cracked ice.

  • Toy Boy ⇝ Lashton & Malum ✓
    691K 28.5K 35

    In which, Luke's not a very good son LASHTON HEMWIN CAKE HOODINGS ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2014 german translation: @harryinlove spanish translation: @I_am_a_pony french translation: @-MALUMMUKE- russian translation: @-totenlukey polish translation: @hotxluke portuguese translation: @momstylinson

    Completed   Mature
  • Ashton ⇝ Lashton ✓
    139K 11.2K 26

    In which, Ashton is Transgender and Luke adores him LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5S0S 2015 russian translation: @-totenlukey german translation: @x5sodx

    Completed   Mature
  • Over Again [Muke]
    160K 5.3K 30

    Luke hasn't seen Michael since his graduation day when he first told the boy he was pregnant. Now six years later, Michael shows up, wanting to take part in both Luke's and their child's life. Now Luke has to choose between his hatred for Michael in the past and their shared love for his daughter now. Will he be abl...

  • Pick Your Poison (Lashton)
    79.7K 3.2K 31

    Luke was only useful when he was being used (aka a very sad Luke tries to fix himself with drugs and dick)

  • drive ♢ muke ✔️
    307K 18.7K 31

    in which michael sucks at driving and luke is a cop who's constantly pulling him over. bad driver! michael asshole cop! luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights reserved.

  • Holy // mashton
    15K 902 24

    God and religion means different things to people, and Ashton and Michael are prime examples of that.

  • Countdown » Lashton
    11.2K 464 13

    What if there was a temporary bar on your wrist, counting down every year, month, day, hour, minute, second until you meet your soulmate. Follow Ashton, a small, anxious boy, on his journey before and after meeting his soulmate. We start at one week.

  • The Stray and the Divine |Kellic|
    135K 7.4K 51

    Victor Fuentes Senior was the alpha of the Pierced Veils pack but when he suddenly is murdered by a rogue werewolf his son, Vic has to come back from his nomadic life to take over the pack. Of course he's discouraged about the fact that he has to leave his free and fun party lifestyle but that all changes when he meet...