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  • The jealous Agreste AU
    39K 742 7

    Adrien became jealous of the 2 new boys that have been flirting with his princess and his ladybug. What can he do to bring Marinette back to his side. Is it too late? Or will Chat Noir visit a certain someone? Read to know. ❤️ The part two of this book is on "Tap" by the way. You should go download it! It's another on...

  • Miraculous Cruise
    68.5K 1.6K 4

    "Ships on a Boat" -multi ships \adrienette main/ NOT 100% COMPLETE (Not sure if I ever actually will finish this) Hawkmoth is fed up with waiting for his ships to happen. So he decides to akumatises Ms Bustier and turn her into 'the Shipper'. She goes undercover and takes her class on a cruise; a couples cruise. Adri...

  • ❤️Marichat❤️
    194K 5.5K 18

    Just some Marichat trash

  • Kissing you marichat
    35K 810 3

    Marinette starts to fall in love with chat noir

  • Different | Marichat [DISCONTINUED]
    116K 3.7K 16

    Let's just say things took a very different turn. Adrien Agreste or Chat Noir; Paris' famed superhero, has found himself in love with everyone's favorite bluenette, Marinette Dupain-Cheng after a ladybug-patterned umbrella was given to him as part of an apology when he mistakes Marinette's kindness for rude behavior d...

  • Miraculously Roommates
    3.4M 97.4K 35

    Marinette and Adrien end up as roommates in college. With the new romantic tension, and responsibility of being Paris's saviours, will their identities remain secret? Will Adrien and Marinette get together without YUCK PLEASE DON'T READ --------------- Complete. --------------- I do not own miraculous ladybug, its...

  • Open Up Your Heart (MariChat Love Story)
    216K 8K 29

    Ladybug and Chat Noir are great partners when it comes to fighting crime in Paris, but the feelings that Chat Noir start to feel for a certain blue eyed classmate will make him question his feelings towards his fighting partner. Marinette still has her major crush to Adrien, the famous model in her class, but it seems...

  • Hush {{ Ladynoir }}
    24.4K 1.5K 7

    Everything in Adrien's life is going horribly wrong. After being rejected by his love Ladybug as his alter ego Chat Noir, the heartbroken hero finds himself falling for the black-haired classmate who seems awfully familiar. Marinette has been crushing on Adrien for years. Tired of never being able to catch his att...

  • Camp Miraculous!: A Miraculous Ladybug AU
    51.2K 1.3K 8

    Marinette was not happy or overjoyed. Marinette was NOT excited for bugs, spiders, cold nights, sunburns, and more. She was not excited for summer camp, at all. After her school announced that they would be opening a summer camp for all their students Alya basically forced her to sign up. Her parents encouraged her as...

  • His Lady
    10K 496 4

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a simple, ordinary girl. A high school student living in Paris, hoping to achieve her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Until she achieves that dream, she'll stay a clumsy girl who has this gigantic crush on a classmate, Adrien Agreste. But Marinette has a secret, for she is one of Paris...

  • anon • adrienette au
    464K 21.2K 20

    Which a lonely model named Adrien gets texts from an unknown number and falls in love with her anonymity. TRANSLATIONS Turkish- @liuxingxx

  • Mixed up
    74.2K 1.7K 11

    Mari and Adrien are now 16 and things are different now Adrien has fallen Madly i love with Mari, he's so in love he can't ever talk to Mari. Poor Mari she starts to think Adrien hates her, mari is much different now he lost her smile, things have changed. Will Adrien fix things or will chat noir

  • The Princess and Her Cat
    179K 6.3K 13

    Marinette befriends Chat Noir, even though he doesn't know about her alter ago Ladybug. When she disappears on her way to Alya's, what will happen? Will Chat rescue Marinette? Will Marinette discover Chat's identity?

  • his maid [ adrinette ]
    37.7K 1.4K 4

    In which where Marinette and her class are servants to the Agreste family. Marinette develops a crush towards the next head to the house of the Agrestes. She somehow winds herself into becoming one of the few personal maids for Adrien, allowing hell to break loose between the young maidens. A roller coaster of emotion...

  • Broken (I Will Be Changing The Title And Cover As Well)
    60.1K 1.8K 13

    Edit: Jun. 4, 2019 at 1:06 pm. Hello everyone! I want to say that this story is no longer up for adoption! @lillyfire35 had taken it up after I abandoned it but they are no longer interested in the fandom and I am! So, I'm taking it back and re - writing everything! I know there are thousands of people who read this...

  • Sweet Kisses, Tender Moments
    406K 8.5K 9

    Just a few chapters of cute scenes between Marichat, some Adrienette. **WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT** *coughcough might be a bit more than cute c; Follow the two Lovers as they struggle with the insane love square, an unexpected addition, and as always, Akumas.

    Completed   Mature
  • 50 shades of Agrestes
    66.7K 1.2K 5

    Marinette is finished her finals exams in university to become a fashion designer . Her friend Ayla is a blogger and a interviewer she currently roommates with Marinette and catches down a bad cold , Marinette has to do her interview for her . Marinette needs to interview a top globe fashion Designer known by the name...

  • The Little Game
    122K 2.6K 5

    Adrien invites Marinette to come his private fencing classes, to help her with her self defence . Little does Marinette know that the fencing class is going to be a something else then she had expected...

  • Class Work
    152K 4.6K 12

    ADRIDNETTE. How long will it before they realise Pictures and Miraculous Ladybug character's are not mine ^-^

  • Fast-Forward to College
    65.5K 2K 4

    Marinette and Adrien have finally graduated high school and are still as oblivious as ever. But when they go to the same college it's inevitable that their identities will be revealed... Right? Disclaimer: All characters and similar themes belong to Thomas Astruc unless they're mine. Then they belong to me. :) Cover a...

  • Miraculous Dance
    95.6K 4.1K 18

    It's time for school again at the François DuPont Academy for the Arts and Marinette was ready for another boring year of school, that is until the first day of school. It's Adriens first year not being homeschooled, and he wanted to start out right. Only, he just took the blame for something he didn't do. Marinette d...

  • Miraculous: Trip To The U.S.
    49.3K 1.9K 12

    Mostly Adrienette. Marinette and Adrien coincidentally take the same plane to the United States of Amurica. Adrien offers Marinette to travel with him on his modeling tour. After that, you'll have to read to find out! Minor smut.

  • Chapstick Challenge.
    443K 9.3K 5

    What if our four favorite people decided to play a little challenge? Not just any challenge, but one that involves lip contact. This is for you guys and I hope you enjoy this!

  • blushing ↠ a miraculous two-shot
    80.4K 3.1K 4

    ❝ whoever makes their opponent blush first, wins. ❞ who knew marinette dupain-cheng was so good at this game? [i do not own miraculous. awful writing. biggest crackfic ever. known for its stupidity. some stuff is edited.]

  • Three... Two... One... (Miraculous au)
    17.1K 916 4

    Set in a world where there are number on your palm counting down until when you meet your soulmate. When you do the numbers change to the last thing you will say to them. Soulmate miraculous au (no powers)

  • Writings of a Lover
    38.7K 1.2K 4

    On everybody's eighteenth birthday, they wake up with a tattoo of what their soulmate will first say to them.

  • The Flirting Challenge
    677K 19.5K 29

    The tittle says it all. It's the challenge between Alya, Nino, a bold hero and a sly cat. Who will win? Well that's not my secret to tell. Read on!

  • Taking Care Of My Kitty (Short Story)
    272K 8.6K 6

    When Adrien gets turned into a black kitty, he is lucky enough to be found by Marinette. But what will take for him to turn back?

  • Passengers || An Adrienette Fanfic
    118K 6.7K 17

    "I don't think this shy girl I'm seeing right now is who you really are, Princess. We've got 17 hours together and I plan on bringing out who you really are." For Marinette, being left alone is the greatest thing you could give her. She loves anything that involves peace and quiet, whether it's staying cooped up in he...