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  • SwaSan FanFic (TOL)
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    SwaSan FanFic (TOL) Synopsis Rooted in Old World Charm, the city of Kolkata weaves a story of love in two people whose strong personalities and ego do not allow them to capitulate to their feelings. Helpless against the games of destiny, 'TOL' is a story of two individuals whose fatal attraction refuses them to reali...

  • SwaSan Diaries
    4.3K 171 3

    SwaSan Diaries - A Oneshot Corner You'll find one shots in this book on our lovely couple and my favourite, SwaSan - Swara and Sanskaar. I hope you have a wonderful time reading. . . ♥️✨ Cover By @GS_Stella ______ • Diary 1 - Mar Dala: Don't go on the title, read how Sharmishta's daughter was raised by another woman...

  • What's My Fault Season-2
    111K 10.1K 31

    It will Start after RagLak marrige... ~~~Winner of First Place in SwaSan Fandom Awards~~~

  • Y NOT ME
    1.5K 93 2

    full on entertaining story

  • ISHQ WALA LOVE ( Completed )
    49.7K 2.7K 47

    { cover credit : @Saleheen1419 } SWARA & SANSKAR are studying in same college. She's a dream girl. He's practical. She's bubbly & naughty. He's arrogant. She's mad behind LOVE stories. He doesn't believe in LOVE. She's waiting for her 'prince charming'. He gives damn to these things. She fell for him AT FIRST SIGHT. H...

  • Say That You Love Me Season-2 ***Short Story***Completed
    68K 4.7K 21

    Story about a Girl name Swara who was happy Girl..but one incident changes her whole life... The family which used to treat her as a Princess started to hate her...and thinks her as a curse... To know what happened with her read my story...!!!

    Completed   Mature
    8.8K 300 6

    Love between two cute people

  • Naughty Billo(swasan ff)[Completed]
    128K 7.2K 47

    #65 in fanfiction on 21/09/2017 #57 in fanfiction on 05/09/2017 #62 in fanfiction on 03/09/2017 #75 in fanfiction on 24/08/2017 #81 in fanfiction on 21/08/2017 The story is all about the naughty girl who got married to very sincere boy.Now how they are going to adjust with each other post marriage They were married un...

  • Mr Maheshwari and I - Two Shot
    4.8K 285 3

    Just my way of showing how much I miss MMAI xD xD

  • SwaSan Few Shorts
    19.4K 1K 25

    hear you all will get.. beautiful few shorts... on my LOVE ❤ swasan... But I will be not able to upload daily... but as soon I get my time I will upload... 1 : I Hate you (complete) 2 : RELATION (complete) 3: LUGGAGE V/S LOVE (complete) 4 : MY SETUP PA (complete) 4: On duty L♡ve (ru...

  • SwaSan's OS
    16.3K 419 14

    #71 in Short story 23/09/2017 (afternoon) #74 in Short story 23/09/2017 #80 in Short story 22/09/2017 #113 in Short story 22/09/2017 #279 in Short story Hey guyz... am new hear it's my first effort to you... hope you guyz like my work.. now story time.. story was full of Surprise...

  • Feel My Love (ON HOLD)
    8.1K 876 14

    The story is all about Swara who is a middle class girl from a traditional Tamilian family. To uplift her family status she worked hard to get admission in US medical university. But the thing she didn't know is that she will meet her life partner who just wants Swara to feel his love Sanskar Maheswari. Sanskar is a m...

    56.1K 2.6K 34

    #179 in fanfiction (07/09/2017) #129 in fanfiction (09/09/2017) Tittle : I TRUST U SANSKAR MAHESHWARI : a very successful business man One of the worlds richest man loves his mom and dad to the core can do anything for them and his loved ones his world revolves around them lil bit angry young man caring cute handsome...

  • ✓ Beautiful Distraction ( SwaSan FF ) ( Completed ) ✓
    32.6K 1.6K 38

    college Based Story on SwaSan where Swara Loves Sanskaar Secretly n Calls Him as Mysterious Girl n Makes Sanskaar Fall for Her...A Fun n Love Based Story..

    38.7K 1.7K 26

    #531 in Fanfiction - December 20, 2017 It's a short story with a TV serial background Swaragini. The story of a couple named SwaSan(Swara+Sanskar)written in my own way after a particular point from the TV serial. #Love #Affection #Care #Hurt #Family #Sanskar #Swara #Farmhouse #Maid #Misunderstandings

    32.4K 2.8K 41

    A SwaSan Story:- #2 in heartbreak - May 14, 2018 #12 in heartbreak - May 9, 2018 #3 in betrayal - May 9, 2018 Two girls who have identical faces, the man loves one of them and is made to marry another one shading betrayal, love,writh and pain.. It's fanfic on two Indian characters Swara and Sanskar portraying Varun Ka...

  • ✓ Tu Mera Humsafar Season 01 (Completed) ✓
    130K 5.4K 113

    Awards Won :- 1. 3rd Position ( Diamond Star Awards ) 2. 1st Position ( The Gloss Awards ) 3. 2nd Position ( SwaSan Fandom Awards ) Ranks in WattPad :- #75 in Romance #184 in Fan Fiction This Syory is all about Two Strangers Swara n Sanskaar who got Tied in the Most Pious Relationship Callwd Marriage due to Sokw Une...

  • What's My Fault
    242K 15.3K 65

    well it's a story which begins when RagLak takes Swara home from hotel where police raids and it's totally changed from any kind of love it full of emotions and drama....

    Completed   Mature
  • Punar Vivah (Remarraige)
    207K 10.4K 91

    COMPLETED (UNDER EDITING) It's the story of two persons who are broken from heart given by their respected spouses....... one is divorced..... the other one is widow..... now what will happen when when these two person have their remarriage....... will love blossom between two...... will their broken heart accept each...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Relationship Of Pious Love - Series 1
    49.3K 2.2K 53

    #82 - England #527 in Romance - 11/03/2018 #531 in Romance - 13/03/2018 #559 in Romance - 10/03/2018 #671 in Romance - 10/03/2018 #681 in Romance - 16/03/2018 #775 in Romance - 16/03/2018 A story of Two different people who finally get married because of their family. The girl, Swara Gadodia from childhood knows that...

  • I Will Be There For You?!
    4.1K 382 13

    A Story Of a Dangerous Devil Vladimir & A Cool Fearless Girl Anina!! When A Blood sucking monster after searching for a Thousand years finally get his Human Beloved. Everything then turns upside down. #579 - dangerous #845 - devil #413 - lover #263 - bond #85 - blueeyes #408 - together #82 - fearless = 11/05/2018 #2...

  • Swasan -A Bond of Togetherness
    16.5K 1.2K 23

    This story is about a lovely couple Sanskar Maheswari and Swara Gadodia, whose journey started with falling in love that leads to their marriage, their love life, their goals, passion,their sweet moments, surprises, their insecurities, their support for each other through thick and thin, their bonding from beginning t...

  • ✓ SwaSan SS : Destiny - Its All About Life ( Completed ) ✓
    69.8K 2.5K 38

    Awards Won :- 2nd Position ( SwaSan Fandom Awards ) 1st Position ( The Gloss Awards ) Summary :- Story of Swara n Sanskaar who get Married to Eachother for the Sake of Sanskaar's n Ragini's New Born Son... Ragini Slips into Coma for 6 Years due to An Accident n Gices Birth to Her n Sanskaar's First Child Aryaan Mahes...

  • ✓ Love - Finds Its Own Way SwaSan TS ( Completed ) ✓
    26.7K 870 13

    Awards Won :- 1. 2nd Position ( Tha Gloss Awards ) Character Sketch : Sanskaar Maheshwari : Blind Young Man..Very Frndly..Trust His Wife Alot..n Loves Her too more dan His Life..Consider His Chacha ( Ram ) as His Own Father after His Parent's Death.. Kavita Sanskaar Maheshwari; : Wife of Sanskaar..Very Cunning n A Se...

  • ✓ SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 02 ( Completed ) ✓
    53.7K 2.7K 82

    Awards Won :- 1. 2nd Position ( New Authors Awards ) Summary :- Sequel Story of Tu Mera Humsafar Season 01..Story of Swara n Handicapped Sanskaar with a New n Fresh Concept where Both Swara n Sanskaar gets Married due to An Expected Circumstances even after Hearing Continuous Taunts n Humiliatjon from the So Called So...

  • Aye Dil Hai Mushkil
    63.2K 3.3K 38

    Prologue - " Just Stop It Sanskar! Whatever you are doing, you are doing it wrong! "- says Swara with tears in her eyes. " Really? And whatever you did...What is it? Wasn't it wrong? " comes a devilish sounding voice. Swara shouts - Enough Sanskar! Don't try to say things which you don't know! Enough of it! Enough...

  • ||Junoon|| SwaSan FanFiction
    1.5K 80 2

    I Want All Of You Forever....You And Me Everyday

  • Tere Ishq Mein #wattys2017
    37.1K 1.5K 16

    **** Scene 1 Ragini(blushing) : I love Laksh Swara(excited) : Omg omg rago.. I m very happy for u.. I will help u in proposing him.. Dont worry he will surely accept.. He is just perfect for u... ***** Scene 2 Laksh: i want to marry your daughter Shekhar (happy) : we will be very lucky to get a SIL like u... I m ready...

    Completed   Mature
  • SWARAGINI... The story begins again...
    11.7K 586 6

    What if we start a story again? All is the same... Swara, Ragini, Sanskar, Laksh, Maheshwari, Gadodias... It's starts like the serial until the fall in the river... HERE STARTS OUR STORY??

  • Tu Jo Saath Ho, Dreams Leads To Love
    10.5K 922 28

    Swara is a bubbly, fun loving girl who just wants to complete her dreams and the exact opposite of Sanskar- a responsible man turned failed badminton player turned a badminton coach. Now when they have been together, surviving everything from their home to Badminton club, including their parents. But what happen when...