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  • Abused Forever, Adopted By Jaspar- FanFiction
    2.6K 77 8

    Kayla Middleton is an eight year old girl who has runaway from her horrible parents. She's homeless and is constantly abused on the streets. But one day, two famous YouTuber's come to her rescue and give her a new home. But is it all as happy as you would think or is this new life going to pose some new challenges fo...

  • Story Of A Lifetime- Zalfie FanFiction
    183 5 4

    Zoe Sugg is the new girl at a boarding school; she doesn't know what to expect and how she will fit in. But when she meets a boy named Alfie, it all changes. Alfie Deyes is popular and can have any girl he wanted. But the first time he looks at Zoe, he knows that his life will change forever.

  • My Fight Song- Joe Sugg Fanfiction
    1.9K 57 17

    Chloe is a young woman with a quite a lot of potential. She stars in music videos and generally enjoys life to the fullest. When she meets Joe Sugg she immediately starts to fall for him. But with a dark past and an unstable mental state- how will their relationship cope? And will Chloe be able to get over the demons...

  • Criminal Minds: The Bosses Secret Unknown Traumatized Daughter
    121K 2.2K 17

    Allison Hotchner is the secret daughter of Aaron Hotchner. She doesn't know that nor does Aaron. She was a victim of a crime, her husband was abusive and had done...horrible things to her. When they found her she was bound and pregnant. Sooner or later she is in Garcia's victim group where she meets Derek...from there...

    Completed   Mature