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  • My Art Book | One
    791K 47.8K 200

    Alrighty, I finally decided to make one of these! My art probably looks like crap now but just you wait! It'll get better! Okay enough with whatever that was, enjoy! ((The quantity of exclamation points makes me appear really hyped up XD)) • You can use any art in the book if you want ((I don't really care as long as...

  • Killugon
    168 4 1

    Gon and Killua go on a adventure and meet new friends trying to get to YorkNew to meet kurapika and Leorio Who will they meet?

  • Love potion ( Killugon )
    50.9K 2K 11

    [1st place in 2015 HxH watty awards under Yaoi/Yuri category] Killua and Gon are best friend but it suddenly change when one of killua fangirl accidentally made him fall in love with Gon because of the love potion she create.Gon who was secreatly in love with his best friend have to take care of him for a week while...

  • Thank you.. (KilluGon)
    851 63 2

    when Killua was young he someone got away from his horrible life full of torture, but a life without love, without nothing at all can do things to someone, especially a boy so young, well until he meets a boy who changes his world forever :3

  • Killugon
    15.3K 483 13

    A fanfic of Killua x Gon posting weekly updates and sneak peaks every few stories Ill make as many as possible hope you enjoy!

  • Falling (Killugon Fanfic)
    145K 4.8K 23

    COMPLETED Gon wants to become stronger so he must find a way to get his power back. But what will happen if a romance between him and Killua also happens?

  • You'll never know dear...
    5.2K 175 7

    Gon X Killua. Nothing more to it.

  • The ones who loved
    40.3K 2.1K 10

    In this book, Gon and Killua go to school. They are normal teenagers with the normal group of friends. With Kurapika as the class president and Leorio as the hall monitor. ~ There are some side characters that i created, I will also add your names if you'd like! ~ "I'm a loner" Killua hung his head upside down off t...

  • Killugon (multiple path choice)
    4.3K 186 18

    In this fanfiction, it's obviously killugon but I'll be writing it as a story where you can pick one chapter for one ending and another for a different ending. And the pattern would continue like that.

  • Killugon
    659 19 1

    Just a short killugon smut for my shippers

  • Hunting Love
    94 10 1

    killua is a quiet and cool 7th grader. he knows nothing of love. but that changes when he meets gon

  • Can't Live Without You (KilluGon)
    6.9K 277 9

    Its been 6 months since Me and Gon have seen each other. That may seem not too long for any other pair of Best Friends but for us.... It's an eternity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Killua!" I hear Someone shout in the distance. "Who.." I started as I turned around and saw a specific Forest Green Haired boy with his...

  • Invincible?
    15.6K 634 40

    Killua and Gon face some hard times Alluka loves both her brother and Gon but will she be able to be a normal girl. Do Gon and Killua have a secret gay relationship? Find out in Invincible. Subscribe to my YouTube link in profile. I make HxH videos.

    Completed   Mature
  • Late Night Confession ☆
    2.5K 114 1

    [Really short KilluGon One-shot!] Summary: Killua wakes up to hear cries from his best friend, Gon, awake and sad, so he cheers him up like the good boyfri- I mean friend he is. >u> Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter, Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecs all belong to Yoshihiro Togashi! I only own plot- yes, I thought all that up...

  • Killugon shorts!
    120K 3.3K 13

    A bunch of short Killugon stories. Cute, Sad, Yaoi/smut, Funny and yee \._./ ~ Let me know what kind you want to see! ~ This story's updates depend on the activity!

  • I couldn't have done it without you.
    430 24 2

    Killua and Gon haven't seen eachother for a year, and when they finally see eachother again, it's no surprise that they both feel a spark.

  • (HunterxHunter) At Your Side {KilluGon}
    1.1K 61 2

    22 year old Killua is done with his family. Sure, they raised him to be one of the most kick-ass assassins in Azia--no, the world--but they always expected so much of him. HE was to head the family after his father for some reason. Not his older brothers, not his sisters. For that reason, they were always hounding him...