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  • Bulls In the Bronx | PTV [ROUGH EDITING]
    1M 15.4K 63

    WARNING: This story is not edited and not fully developed, (but will be) which means there are chances you'll see grammar errors and spelling. Just warning you ahead of time. Chapters that contain a star [*] are edited and awesome-er. Disclaimer: I do not own Pierce the Veil, or any other band mentioned in this story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving Grace. [Alex Gaskarth]
    355K 8.5K 52

    ❝You need a saving grace, Ivory-Grace?❞

  • Two Turtles in a Pond (Tony Perry)
    154K 6.1K 38

    Flex was an average, troubled girl who was going to see her favourite band Pierce The Veil live before committing suicide the following day. After certain circumstances arouse, does she still go through this?

  • Music Saved Me [Tony Perry Fanfiction]
    82K 2.3K 64

    Kourtnie is just an average girl that finally sees her favorite band, Pierce The Veil. Some unexpected events happen and changes her whole life.

  • It's All In The Hips. [Fuenciado]
    269K 7.5K 46

    Jaime and Vic have always been the best of friends.. But what happens when they start developing feelings for each other?

  • The Meet [Jaime Preciado] [Book 3]
    96.5K 3.7K 25

    Lily Jones and Jaime Preciado; a match made in heaven, right? Well, somewhat. The only problem? Lily isn't who she says she is. Her brother is famous in the punk-rock community, and Jaime doesn't know it. Her last name isn't Jones. She's actually met Jaime before, and he doesn't remember it. She doesn't live in Florid...

  • Collide (Tony Perry)
    281K 14.2K 34

    (Sequel to Kidnapped By Pierce The Veil) Pierce The Veil are back with a bang, already on their first head-lining tour and straight into writing their newest album. Lydia can't help but think that Tony is brushing her off, and more problems are just beginning to arise. People can only hope that the couple are stron...

  • This Reckless Dream {All Time Low}
    193 7 6

    Caitlin Riley just moved across the country from California to Maryland after her mother left and her dad got a job promotion. She's always been introverted, never one to put herself out there and make new friends. It's the summer before the start of her senior year of high school and she's already written it off to...

  • Wasteland For The Teenaged (Vic Fuentes Fanfiction)
    335K 8.9K 39

    *Completed with finished sequel* Iris Rae Knight is many things to doctors, family members, and the students at school. She is extremely mentally ill but to Vic Fuentes, she is a dazzling, kind-heart, and courageous long time best friend. Things have changed now that they are fresh out of high school. Iris being a...

  • The Letters [Jaime Preciado] [Book 1]
    377K 18.8K 78

    Twenty-three year old Lily Jones unexpectedly becomes pen-pals with the one and only Jaime Preciado from Pierce the Veil. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s saved her life–more than once. Over the course of a year, they become best friends via hand-written letters. Although they live across the country from each other–J...

  • Here We Go Again (OM&M/BMTH)
    6.3K 176 12

    23 year old Amy is a sound engineer for Of Mice & Men when her whole life changes immensely. Of Mice & Men lines up a tour with Bring Me The Horizon, and she knows what that means. It means once again dealing with her (slightly) abusive ex-boyfriend, Oliver. Only this time he claims he's reformed, and another boy ente...

  • Saviour A Black Veil Brides Love Series #Wattys2015
    848K 26.8K 60

    Raven is the outcast in her school. She’s the quiet one, the one that stays to herself and really has no friends. Her father doesn’t even look at her. Everyone in her school has labeled her as the emo goth one, the one that doesn’t fit in. But who says you have to fit in to find true love? Andy is the singer. He’s alw...

  • Outcasts In Love {Pierce the Veil}
    326K 7K 56

    Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil has never had an easy time with love, and when he falls for an emotionally wrecked teenage fan, he changes his mind. Maybe love is easy for him...

  • Hold On Till May
    226 3 2

    ~A Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction~

  • Who Would Have Guessed?(Austlan Cashby)
    25.5K 864 24

    Alan and Austin were the classic love story. Everyone knew it but them. Life was wonderful three days after they started dating, until Austin got himself into things he shouldn't have.

  • Was it real,or just a thing (a austin carlile fan fic)
    447 15 7

    5 years after her break up with, Austin Carlile, Jaime is offered the job of a life time. She is invited to do photographing for warped tour this year. When she gets there she gets there she runs into him. Will they re-build their relationship? Or will there be other guys waiting for her...

  • What's So Good About Picking Up the Pieces? (Vic Fuentes FanFiction)
    860K 16.7K 38

    26 year old Lyla James is living in Los Angeles pursuing her dream of being a photographer. She gets the chance of a lifetime when her best friend, Austin Carlile of the band Of Mice and Men, asks her to photograph the band on Warped Tour. She is having the time of her life when she runs into the last person she ever...

  • A Daydream Away (Alex Gaskarth)
    216K 4.3K 25

    “Not really. I don’t think you know this but I’m not like most girls. As you can tell I listen to Blink-182 while every other girl listens to Britney Spears.” Alex stayed silent. “And what makes me more different than other girls is that I will always be here for you.” Alex stared at me until a smile erupted on his fa...

  • Hiding From Fate (Vic Fuentes)
    413K 10.9K 55

    **IMPORTANT NOTICE SEPT 2020 - I WILL BE REWRITING/EDITING THIS BOOK IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE. I PLAN IN EDITING ALL OF THE CHAPTERS OFF WATTPAD, THEN UPDATING THEM ALL IN ONE NIGHT** **Please note there is some Alan Ashby love in this, however, it is mainly a Vic fan fiction** Hadley Marie Hadaway has spent nearly nin...

  • Kissing in Cars (Pierce the Veil love story)
    12.8K 308 36

    Vic has had some crazy experiences on tour with the guys. Some good, some bad, some he doesn't like to talk about...but, this one was different. This memory shall always be stapled into Vic's brain for the rest of his life. And to be honest, it's not like he would want to forget in the first place. No, this story was...

  • One Million Branches
    14.3K 555 26

    Lizzy Dawson is a 20 year old singer from San Diego. She's best friends with everyone in Pierce the Veil but she has a huge crush on Tony. What will happen when she goes on tour with them? Will something happen between them or will they be just friends. A/N: Outfits she wears are posted on my Polyvore. tonyturtle69.po...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped (Pierce The Veil)
    92.8K 540 5

    Sometimes life changes for the better when you find yourself living with strangers. You get everything you need and live in a beautiful house that you'd never be able to afford on your own. (PG-13. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. MAY INCLUDE SOME NUDITY, CURSING, AND SEXUAL REFERENCES. DO NOT COPY OR STEAL MY IDEAS. I DO NOT...