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  • Bad is an Understatement | ✓
    9.7M 276K 54

    "I don't know who you think you are coming here, and acting like you don't care about anything. Now listen here Princess, because I'm not going to repeat myself. Here's a couple of rules that I'd like to enlighten upon you. Number one, you do not talk back to me. And two, you don't mess with me or the rules," his brea...

  • Is it love?//August Alsina FanFic//Editing Soon
    311K 14.2K 40

    Copyright© 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Love: Team Kasen or Team Jacob (completed but being edited)
    2.7M 58K 103

    Dezmond is your typical bad female but all that changes when love comes into her life.Kasen is Dezmonds bestfriend/Ride or Die or whatever you wanna call them. Dezmond is a smart ambitious girl and Kasen is a fine drug dealer.They both have feelings for eachother but Dezmond has a choice to make cause she also likes h...

  • Love nd war (august alsina sequel)
    1.1M 30.4K 59

    Michelle is now a grown woman.. She's her own woman with a huge career. he past soon to catch up with her and she just can't get away.. Jus as she seem to have it all worked out a memory comes back ..( love of war squeal)

  • Loved And Lost
    14.5K 363 56

    What's going on in Aniyah's life, read to find out Tryna get through this thing called life, who knew it would be this way. Having someone who's obsessed with you constantly take you away from it. Tryna find this shit called love, why try when it's not enough. You need trust, loyalty, faith, commitment, honesty, and a...

  • Thug Love
    176K 3.5K 81

    Falling Inlove With A Thug

  • Mine
    5.9M 200K 43

    Jazmine Michelle Reed Twenty years old - a single mother to a three year old, owns a hair salon, and has two best friends she loves like family. With a painful past of not being able to know her mother, her father being killed, and ending up pregnant by her boyfriend at the time who left her high, dry, and alone she h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? || August Alsina
    176K 6.5K 35

    At just 15, Kai'ceonna was forced out on her own to find a way for her and her daughter.

  • Keepin' It Trill (August Alsina)
    401K 9.4K 34

    Kaycee Marie Williams has been through hell and back. Until the 'new guy' joins the game. She ends up building feelings for this dude on the first day or at least she think she is..

  • Young Love (August Alsina Love Story)
    788K 17.7K 35

    What ever happened to Amerie's family? Was Ms. Joyce able to pull through? Did Amerie and August last?

  • You Deserve Better (August Alsina❤️
    793K 19.3K 56

    Shai who was pregnant by the most wonderful boyfriend (Played by trey songz) ever , well what seemed to be the best. he soon began beating her after their daughter was born. She took him back time after time. She just couldn't let go until she finally realizes she deserves better when she meets August at the gas stat...

  • Craving November
    123K 3.5K 22

    "I missed you boo boo. Where's your nanny?" I cooed, kissing her cheeks. On que the mystery lady walked in. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest, because of how hard it was pounding. My palms became sweaty, and my knees grew weak. There she was, the most beautiful female, I've ever laid eyes on. "Rhain?" I whispered...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Her (GirlXGirl)
    150K 5K 21

    "You know I never thought I would fall in love... All of my life I felt like I was incapable of doing so. I would like guys here and there but only for a short amount of time I'd still stay with them though even after my attraction and like for them left. I just wanted to feel something you know, I wanted to feel... l...

  • The New Teacher(Lesbian Short Story)
    94.5K 2.6K 18

    Brittany Jones is a class clown who everyone loves at Central High. Even Principle Peeters lets her wrong doings slide. There's a new Math teacher in fourth block, and things got a little hot one Friday afternoon. Jones has been carefree throughout her highschool years. Now she's senior, and what Jones and Mrs. Latimo...

  • Please Don't Change
    254K 7.9K 14

    Snapchat? RastaBabeee Kik? OnBob Twitter? @__Tay2x Instagram? @__Tay2x Add Me, Follow Me, & Hit Me Up! I'll Reply To ALL Questions & Comments. Love You Guys! Show Me Some Love!! Kai is a 18 year old stud living on her own in her parents home. Her previous girlfriend passed away & she's finding herself finally moving...

  • When Everything Is Said And Done (StudxStud)
    55.2K 2.8K 18

    Not good with this just read to find out

  • Imperfections In The Closet
    17.3K 442 7

    17 year old Ariana is enjoying her life with her girlfriend Jada. Ariana and Jada are madly in love but they have some bumps in the road that come along. Will Ariana and Jada stay together or will they let society and people break there 3 year relationship or will they fight for there love?

  • ✖StudNation✖
    66.1K 844 21

    Photo Book Of J.A.S.M.I.N.E ✔

  • Unexpected Love
    3.5K 58 3

    This is a story of a girl who comes to terms with her sexuality.

  • My Boxer (Lesbian)
    53.2K 1.5K 11

  • The Shy One
    23.3K 457 13

  • My Lil Rider (lesbian)
    17.7K 422 5

    When you got that somebody that'll hold you down and stick with you threw the tough times. You better not let them go, it's getting hard to find people like that now.

  • Punishment
    40.1K 1.5K 22

    She was known for her vibrant ways of marking territory, letting the public know what was hers. She didn't have a care in the world about how the world thought. She was hypersexual.

  • Bonnie & Bonnie 2
    202K 6.9K 43

    Continuation of Bonnie & Bonnie

  • It Feels Right (Lesbian)
    57.5K 2K 20


  • Bonnie & Bonnie
    398K 12.5K 59

    This story is about a stem and stud who cross pass and have a bumpy start. It's 20 year old Kayla nicknamed Kay by her homies who dropped out and getting mine how she can and 16 year old Bria that keeps her eyes focused on school but loves a break when she can get it. What will happen when Kayla see this girl that ca...

  • Goddess Temple
    63.5K 2.3K 30

    Luscious was every man and woman's dreams. People envied her some even set her up but Luscious was going after one thug that's out her league. Will Luscious lifestyle catch up to her? Come on her journey to find out!

  • My Thug ❤ *Editing*
    271K 6.6K 46

    My name is Jala Janae Jordan, and I am a senior in high school. I am not your average high school student. At the age of 18, I have a daughter who is 2 years old, I have my own house, my own vehicle, and my own money. I bet you're like why wasn't I still staying with my parents if I was still in high school right? Wel...

  • true thug love story
    22.4K 620 16

    can't give no hints but this is a good book have fun reading