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  • We are Just Lonely People, Living Lonely Lives (Beatle Fan Fic)
    80.4K 1.8K 25

    ""It was a lovely thing truly, to hear this side he hides come out, the side I just learned about . He replied to me simply, "Mum's dead, haven't seen my dad in years, live with my aunt, so we have a lot in common Rosie. We are both lonely people, living lonely lives, without anyone to really understand, except each o...

  • I Will [Paul McCartney/Beatles Fanfiction]
    73.6K 3.1K 21

    Ever since Paul's wife-to-be abandoned him at the altar, he's given up all hope of ever falling in love, and while it hurts to see the other members of his band happily married, he's firm with his decision. In 1967, just after this takes place, the Beatles are dealing with the stress of the loss of their manager and...

  • The Certainty Of Chance (Beatles Fan Fiction)
    62.9K 2.3K 33

    'Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.' May knows all about that. Stuck in a small Welsh town in 1964, May's life couldn't be more different to the life of her favourite Beatle, George Harrison. But one chance encounter and that is all that is set to change... I originally wrote this short story in 2004. It could do...

  • Come Together- McLennon
    29.8K 1.4K 30

    The relationship between John Lennon and his songwriting partner, Paul McCartney had been kept under tight wraps for years. After struggling to come to terms with the breakup of The Beatles, he starts to lash out and struggle with day-to-day tasks. His only comfort can be found in his beloved dog, Martha. Linda batt...

  • Occiditur
    4.5K 486 30

    This is a half fictional/half true story about Micky's struggle with depression. WARNING!!!! This may not be suitable for some audiences! [Occiditur] Latin for He/She/It was killed Do you guys like this new picture or the old one better?