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  • Mika X Reader: (book 3) Taro-kun
    29.4K 1.1K 47

    This is the story of Taro-kun, Mikaela Hyakuya's son, the boy wth both angel blood and the seraph curse running through his veins. ~~~~

  • Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) Wings
    127K 5.9K 44

    [[[COMPLETED]]] (Sequel to "Mika X Reader: Blood") "Everything you know is wrong, (Name)." He takes hold of your shoulders and shakes you, eyes wide with fear. "Everything."

  • Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 1) Blood
    207K 9.1K 33

    [[[[COMPLETED]]]] You're Ferid's personal blood slave when you first meet Mikaela Hyakuya, and you two instantly become friends. He offers for you to come with him to escape, but you refuse, and somehow you end up being the one healing his injuries after the tragedy. The road ahead will be an interesting one. (The se...

    Completed   Mature