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  • The Teacher's Little
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    Unedited*** will edit after book is completed "Kitten, come here" He dragged a finger towards the now scared girl,coaxing her to come closer. She gulped and slowly walked to the teacher desk. "Yes, Daddy?" She said bitting her lip "What did I say about biting that pretty little lip of yours?" He raised a eyebrow. "Not...

    Completed   Mature
  • phan ddlb/bdsm ; daddy's boy
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    poor danny accidentally gets the attention of phil lester, his new protective daddy. "call me daddy"

  • My Twin Doctors
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    DDLG I laid on the examination table fiddling with the end of the sheet nervously. The door finally opens after a while of waiting and two doctors step in. Brothers The one in the front looks up from his clipboard with a friendly smile. "Hello Ms. Black, we're doctor Thurman." The other one steps into the room ful...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frozen Ground
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    I don't know how I was dumb enough to do it but I managed to throw my toy across the pond into the center of the icy ground. I was standing on the shore considering whether or not I wanted to go get it. After minimal consideration for the risks I started walking out on the lake. After all I was so small and light in m...

  • Daddy and Father
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    Autumn Salvador is a 21 year old girl who has never known her father. After her mom dies she travels across America to meet him, but what will happen when she finds her "Daddy" in the process? Will they be able to make their relationship work if her father and her daddy are life long friends? And what will they all do...