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  • H E R
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    ACT I-In Memoriam ACT II-Welcome To Mystic Falls ACT III-The Penultimate ACT IV-Swan Song All Rights go to Jeff Davis. The Croft Family Story is all mine! Bookaversary: July 24, 2015 Cover: @dark-desire

  • Haywire ▷ Stilinski
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    [ BOOK FOUR ] ❝ we are always so fascinated when the brain goes haywire. ❞ The McCall pack has been through thick and thin, and even though they've lost members along the way... they've continued to stay strong. All of that goes down the drain the moment that Theo Raeken returns to Beacon Hills, with his sole purpose...

  • Stiles Stilinski x reader
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    Fall for the sarcastic, hyperactive hopeless romantic; Stiles Stilinski.

  • To Better The Shattered; Scott McCall [2] ✔
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    [BOOK TWO] ❝But i can make an explosion.❞ If Ellie Argent thought that the weird shit would stop with the death of Peter Hale, then she was wrong. Instead, she's being forced to sneak around with her werewolf boyfriend, away from the prying eyes of her over-protective werewolf-hunting family, and her crazy, more-than...

  • Broken But Mending; Scott McCall [1] ✔
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    [BOOK ONE] [EDITING] ❝I might only have one match.❞ Ellie Argent's life had gone from happy and easy to a major shit-storm in about two seconds. One moment she was a normal girl living New York, procrastinating from schoolwork and watching an unacceptable amount of Netflix, the next both of her parents were dead. Mayb...