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  • Gothic Rose (Complete album)
    1.3K 90 24

    Gothic Rose is a series of songs that I have written. I am not a singer or a musician myself, but I do love making up songs.

  • Sad poems
    627K 15.4K 37

    Sadness is reality of every day. I was asked what inspired me to write this- My answer is some bad days and empathy, for I know I am not alone in this, and neither are you.

  • 40 Poems From POMEGRANATE FLESH by Strider Marcus Jones
    623K 3.3K 40

    This collection of poetry features 40 of the 75 poems from my latest book Pomegranate Flesh. You are most welcome to vote and comment and follow me. The poems in this collection show Strider's gift of being able to weave words into creative and surprising configurations. He manipulates words to do his will, taming the...

  • what about you?
    1.7K 83 11

    If you have a heart at all, and if you see the pain of the sufferer, you shall find this work thought provoking, but if you are a cold hearted homo sapien, I assure you these would just be some words arranged in a fashion so as they appear intricate. Until every man is free, we are all slaves. -Abraham Lincoln Vampire...

  • Moonlit Poetry
    12K 902 57

    Moonlit poems to help others remember what's important... [Originally titled "Finding Earth"]