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  • 9 Roleplay
    256 4 4

    Calling all 9 fans wanna rp this is the place to do it. Keep this fandom alive!

  • The Individual Roleplay
    19.9K 447 58

    Just what the title says! Nothing but lesbian romances!

  • Ever After High Roleplay
    2.7K 49 11

    Ever after high roleplay. You may chose up to 4 characters. Have fun! Cover by: @kittycatgirlisdead

  • Anime High School RP
    24.2K 349 26

    You're invited to become part of the fun! Create a character and join in on the anime high school experience! :D

  • ll Royal Roleplay! ll
    2.3K 17 5

    Just a roleplay about Royalty. With commoners and Royals

  • Mermaid And Merman Rp
    2.6K 59 15


  • Family Rp
    567 15 11

    All I can say is, Welcome to the family!

  • Individual Roleplay 2.0 Edition
    14.3K 291 22

    Semi detailed, I guess. I accept three sentences but nothing below! The 2nd edition of my original individual Roleplay! This time without character limits and even more characters! Come and join for some more fun if you liked the last one! This is ROMANCE! Some are available as friends, but that typically means a shor...

  • Our Love Story (Individual Roleplays)
    16.7K 137 17

    Welcome to my Individual Roleplay book! Make sure you read the Rules!

  • ~Detailed Roleplay~
    2.3K 83 13

    A descriptive roleplay in which knowing the rules is essential and replies are long, getting you sucked into the story and lives that these characters live out.

  • Black butler Rp
    5.4K 87 21

    I don't know......what do you think

  • Black Butler Roleplay
    12.5K 440 47

    The title. Come in and Join no need to ask

  • Black Butler RP
    12.8K 161 7

  • Gravity Falls ROLEPLAY
    3.5K 46 17

    Gravity Falls ROLEPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Potter Next gen Roleplay
    1.1K 42 25

    This is of course after the battle of Hogwarts, and James, Lily, and Albus Potter all attend Hogwarts. ~OCS AND CANON CHARACTERS ALLOWED!~

  • Soulmate RP
    49.7K 897 13

    A World where you are born to search for your soulmate through the scars,tattoos and other marks that help you to find your mate.Will you be able to find him or her soon?And even if you do..will your life with them be a perfect.fairytale?

  • Individual Furry Or Neko RP
    3.1K 33 16

    In the title

  • |Famous Teens:RP|
    8.2K 173 49

    You're a famous teen, how is life for you?

  • Individual roleplay
    19.3K 142 54

    The title says it all

  • Romance RP
    333 15 4

    This is a RP published by vbean03 and I for you guys

  • Mermaid RP
    5.3K 61 18

    well den. don't expect many people to be on here.

  • Danny phantom rp (closed)
    355 15 4

    I don't own Danny phantom

  • Individual Undertale Roleplay (Mostly for Girls)
    5.5K 113 17

    Roleplay with any MALE Undertale character and some of my OCs. Mostly for girls but you can join if you want.

  • Stranger Things RP (Roleplay)
    293 11 4

    Play as your favourite Stranger Things characters and even your own and explore the small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

  • Descendants roleplay
    1.2K 27 10

    This is the descendants roleplay if anyone is interested in being in this please read the rules before you want to do this ❤️Poorbikey❤️