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  • Sang's Dragon
    372K 23.5K 33

    A story about Sang, the first ever female to receive the mark of a dragon. Living in a world full of dominating males, she struggles to prove that she's no ordinary girl and that she can be a great rider. What happens when the Academy-a school for the dragon riders-sends out nine of their best students with the task...

  • Flash Fan Fiction & other oddities
    6.4K 1.2K 77

    A collection of short fiction, using writing prompts from fan fiction Fridays on the TAFF facebook page. Any attempt at Academy fan fiction outside of the GB & SB teams will be here, such as Anderson family stories. I own nothing. I appreciate the opportunity to play in CL Stone's sandbox.

  • Soldier's Dangerous Obsession
    34.6K 1K 7

    Jack, 28 is a marine for the United States military. He has no family and is alone in the world. Once out of the military, he suffers from PTSD from the horror he had witnessed and done. He feels that there is no hope for him, but all that changes when he meets Jeanne, 19, a young college student who also volunteers a...

  • Sang the Setari
    23.6K 3.3K 47

    Sang found herself on Muina and then rescued by Tarens. Discovering she has abilities unique even to the Setari, a group of warriors and with psychic talents, she becomes involved in their war against man-eating monsters known as Ionoth. As her special abilities make her even more important to the mission, she draws...

  • Dogs Heart
    1.5K 272 8

    Take a trip down memory lane with Max as he remembers how taking items from the Blackbourne Team introduces them to Sang and them finding their heart.

  • Gypsy - Book 3 of The Academy Kids Series
    9.6K 1.2K 17

    Amanda Cross is far from your average 17 yr old girl. She likes to dig around in the dirt, gets lost in her own head and wishes for a big bonfire to burn all shoes. Though guys think she's gorgeous, most are turned off by her weird hippie girl vibe and the few that aren't are intimidated by her huge, gun toting, down...

  • The Lovely Ghost
    61.5K 4.8K 19

    A Ghost Bird Fanfiction. Sang is a ghost. She doesn't know when or how she became one. All she knows is that no one else can see her and it seems that she is to wonder throughout Sunnyvale for all of eternity. But being a ghost has its benefits. She can walk through walls when she wants, sing and dance anywhere anyti...

  • Academy Detective
    19K 1.3K 8

    The Blackbourne team and Toma Team are in need for a detective on their team. They have everything a team part of the Academy needs except for a detective to help them solve the harder and trickier cases. They are assigned with a case to go undercover to Ashley Waters and find out where all the money goes, the missing...

  • The Connected
    48.4K 4.3K 17

    Owen and the rest of the ghost bird boys are what we call, in the society of the Solexion, soul connections. Sang is their soul center, who was taken from their world at birth by vindictive humans. Not knowing the truth of her identity, nor the reason for the strange marking over her heart, or the power she holds on...

  • Evanescence
    196 39 1

    Sang's life has been hard. At three days old her birth mother died, leaving her in the Sorenson's 'care'. At the age of ten a kind police officer found out about the abuse, and next thing she knows, Sang had a new, kind mother. And now she's being sent to stay with some family friends she's never met. The Lees. Why yo...

  • *On Hold* Off To College We Go
    12.8K 1.1K 9

    Two years Sang has been in college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was accepted into LSU a prestigious University in Veterinary Medicine. She loves her life here but feels as if she is just existing day to day. There has to be more to life than just school right? Growing up she was never allowed friends and her family...

  • Anti-Academy
    50.1K 4.5K 37

    What if Sang has two siblings instead of one? A set of twins a brother and a sister. What if they're a part of the Academy? What happens when tragedy strikes their small family? Can they get Sang out in time to made a life for themselves? What will happen when the truth comes out? What if it makes Sang hate everythin...

  • Michael
    1.4K 236 5

    Cover credits go to GabrielsTrouble. Gabriel Coleman is haunted with the deaths of his family, they're a constant weight dragging him down. This story isn't about him, however. It's about Michael. How much can I really say about someone who died after a single year, though? More than you think. Michael- I- didn't die...

  • Their Light
    132K 1.5K 7

    Hadley Carter has not had the easiest life. She didn't ask to have these strange powers that have plagued her since childhood. She didn't ask to be kidnapped. She didn't ask to be rescued by some good-looking strangers. She didn't sign up to be a guardian of life. And she most definitely did not ask to have the atten...

  • Dreams Do Come True (Random Updates)
    73.4K 5.1K 33

    Sang Sorenson is almost 18 years old and never had any friends, boyfriend, first kiss, or even talked to anyone her own age. She was forced to never leave home by her Stepmother. So what happens when she has to go into town to get a job? Sang Sorensen's life is about to begin with adventure, romance, and a lot of fun...

  • The Sacrifices of a Sinner
    49.7K 549 4

    . o O o . Marauder Chronicles Volume 1 . o O o . Sang Sorenson, assassin extraordinaire, grieving woman, generally awkward human being, a fantastic detective and a woman with a whole lot of trouble on her plate. Sang's life was an endless cycle; do missions, save people, move on, repeat. Her life was never s...

  • Bewitching Their Hearts
    8.4K 1K 14

    This is based on the Academy series by C.L. Stone, the plot is mine but sadly none of the boys belong to me. Please don't copy this or I will be very upset. Huge thank you to @docistheboss for the amazing cover photo! 1693 and Sang is caught in the middle of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, MA. With trying to t...

  • It's All Down To Trust
    60.4K 4.7K 26

    Sang is a very intelligent girl in an abusive family. She's eighteen and in her last year of law school when she plans to free herself from her family. Knowing what she knows about her family could cause her a lot of harm but when she meets Sean Green and Owen Blackbourne, she hopes she can put her trust in them...

  • Beauty and the Price
    97.7K 8.1K 65

    Updates: Weekly Cover by: @MinaRosings Disclaimer: I do not own the rights of these characters. Characters and some other things belong to C.L. Stone and are based on the Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series. This is a fan fiction and only for entertainment. Will not make a profit of any kind from this. Also, the story...

  • How much is that Doggy in the Window
    16.2K 1.5K 10

    Marc, stuck in the local dog pound gets adopted by an unsuspecting girl trying to make her own way in life. Little does she know that the dog she brought home is a member of the Academy. Though Marc was just going to make a quick escape once she fell asleep, the more he learns about her, the more he needs to help her...

  • Things Unseen
    16.4K 1.1K 18

    "So what, you'll hold me captive for a year? Two? Ten? I can't trust you at all. You're all complete strangers and you haven't really given me a welcoming impression! And now you want my help? You perverts can go find 'help' somewhere else because I am not interested." My face was getting redder. "Did she just ca...

  • For All the Love (A Ghostbird fan fiction)
    6K 338 6

    It's been three years since all the boys have graduated from the Academy and has been two years since they married the love of their lives Sang Sorensen when the biggest surprise of all makes an appearance. (So Sang is 20)

  • Powers in Love
    5.1K 484 9

    Almost everyone in the world has a power. Those who don't are rare. Sang doesn't. Being abused by her mother, threatened by the teachers and students at her new school, and cornered by a masked figure are just some of the issues Sang has to deal with. On top of it, she has to deal with the secrets her new friends are...

  • Finding What Is Lost
    71.9K 4.7K 49

    Sang Sorenson meets the blackbourne boys and falls in love but after they leave Ashly Waters high school everything changes there love grows but Valto have other plans he wants to get Sang away from them one way or another. And one late night and a storm later Volto drives a sick sang and poor Luke off the road right...

  • The Unintended
    126 19 2

    I'll only be posting the first few, *first draft,* chapters here as I'll be publishing this in the spring. Any feedback would be great to know if this sounds like a story that would be of interest to you. :) *************** With no family to turn to and recently widowed, Emily Dawson is desperate for a place for hers...

  • Dealing Hearts: An Academy FF Short Story (Completed)
    33.1K 2.9K 10

    Twenty-five year old Sang Sorenson is the best bird in the Academy, even as a lone bird. She's been happily dating Raven Ravenstahl for a few months, but it's now time to meet the rest of the team. Especially since they will be doing a mission together in Las Vegas. I don't think 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secrets
    3.3K 166 6

    Blackbourne mission: infiltrate Ashley Waters, retrieve missing funds and find those responsible. (beware of violent and agressive students as well as drugs circulating the student body) Ghost bird (sang) mission: attend Ashley waters, observe the workings of blackbourne team and assist where necessary. (The blackbou...

  • I Just Keep Falling - Ghostbird Fanfic
    5.1K 332 7

    You know, after being abused for most of the beginning 16 years of my life. I thought god had finally heard my plea when he gave me the ability to travel between worlds. But I was both right and wrong. Right ~ God had heard my plea, and because of my sheltered life, decided to give me the ability to get away from my f...

  • Whether You Like It Or Not! - Ghostbird FanFic
    5.7K 512 8

    I'm Sang Sorenson, and I've got a question for you. How would you feel if your only Family member decided to first Drug and then Kidnapp you, just because of a stupid Boot Camp that you've decided to miss for the last few years? I'm not sure about you, but I'd be pretty pissed, no I'd be furious. And that is exactly w...

  • Their Angel
    40.5K 2.6K 12

    The Blackbourne/Toma team have been at Ashley Waters for 3 weeks to try and get a hold on an underground fight club that someone at the school has started. During a family meeting the entire team receives an email on their school emails informing them that they are targets for an Ashley Waters sick school tradition bu...