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  • Classmate
    5.4M 102K 63

    This story tackles about school & life. For soft copies ➜

  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    35M 760K 54

    The students of Special Section are dying, one by one. Some say it's a curse, but the transfer student believes that someone is killing her classmates. How can Rhianne stop the killing when anyone can be the killer? Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her? *** When Rhianne transferred schools a...

  • Alphabet of Death (Published)
    19.9M 444K 79

    AlphaBakaTa Trilogy [Book1]: Alphabet of Death (The Arrival of Unforgiveness) Handa ka na bang harapin ang iyong kamatayan sa pamamagitan ng letrang iyong pinangangalagaan? Mag-ingat ka dahil ang letrang pinanghahawakan mo ay ang magiging sanhi ng kamatayan mo.

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 3)
    55.2M 1.1M 128

    Mikazuki convinces Bullet to meet his birth parents after being taken away by the former leader of the most powerful mafia group, Black Organization, for twenty-five years. But what if she later learns that their real families are in fact mortal enemies? Will Mikazuki dare to fight for their blossoming love--or will s...

  • I'm his TUTOR
    54.8M 772K 56

    She likes being alone while he loves being the center of attention. She'd rather stay at home, reading books while he'd be in the crowd, playing for his band. No one cares about her existence while he is every girl's dream guy. Two opposite people bound to meet each together. One's a smart quiet student, the other's a...

  • Secret Facts and Tips
    17M 234K 106

    I hope this book may help us to know more tips and secret facts here on earth. Lahat naman po tayo ay gustong mapadali ang mga gawain o di kaya ay gustong masulosyonan ang mga bagay na ating nahihirapan. Sana po ay makatulong ito sa ating pangaraw-araw ng gawain sa bahay at sa buhay natin. Please support... •QUOTES AN...